Friday, March 09, 2018

Vacation: Tues

Spouse's cousin Rose saw my photos and posts on Facebook and sent me a message Mon evening asking how long we'd be in Palm Springs.  She and her husband Marc were in Los Angeles and were coming to Palm Springs the next day!  Rose & Marc live in NJ so they're only about 3 hours from us, so we found it funny that we were going to see them in CA. So we gave them our address and Tues morning we lounged around the house waiting for them to arrive.

Rose & Marc got there around 11 and we all sat out by the pool and visited for a while, including the Newlyweds.  Shortly after noon we all decided to go to lunch at Kaiser Grill.  Since the Newlyweds were leaving that day, they packed their car before lunch and then left for the airport after lunch.

Rose & Marc and Spouse & I walked around downtown, poking our heads into some of the shops and window shopping for a while.  In the late afternoon they left too, heading back to Los Angeles, so it was just Spouse & me.  We spent some time in the hot tub, then both showered and dressed before meeting our friend Ed for cocktails at his house.  

We met Ed & his husband Brian about 8 years ago through the gay car club.  They moved out to Palm Springs several years ago so we planned to reconnect during our visit.  Brian was away so we only got to see Ed, but we had a nice time chatting over cocktails at their house.  Then we had dinner at El Mirasol which has a lovely courtyard dining area, probably the most quaint we saw during our trip.

Back at the house we turned on the TV for the 1st time all week to catch a little bit of the Olympics before going to bed.

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