Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Vacation: Mon

Mon morning 1 of the Newlyweds went for a hike while the other relaxed at home.  Spouse & I went downtown and had breakfast at Ruby's Diner, which is a chain, but fun and retro.

It was very windy and cooler that day so Spouse & I actually wore light jackets as we walked around downtown in the sunshine.

We returned to the house, picked up the Newlyweds and headed back downtown for a vintage car show.

Afterward we ducked into some vintage shops and saw lots and lots of gorgeous stuff.
Colorful vintage glass
LOVE this china with the Sputnik motif!

So fun!

Next we went inside Shag, a modern art gallery/store.  I fell in love with the art in there and couldn't resist taking photos.  If I had more wall space and a bigger wallet I would buy all of these!  (Click on the images to enlarge them.)

Then we returned to the house for massages.  A friend of the Newlyweds from Portland relocated to Palm Springs and came over to give us massages.  I love to get a massage on vacation; its the ultimate treat.

That evening we had happy hour at Streetbar which was relaxed and fun and then dinner at Lulu.  
The vibe and atmosphere at Lulu were quintessential Palm Springs and the food was excellent.  We had a really great time at Lulu and I'd highly recommend going when you're in town.

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anne marie in philly said...

LOVE the car show! big ella would feel right at home there!

and the vintage glass! and who are those two hotties in shorts?