Monday, March 05, 2018

Vacation: Sun

On Sun we had a leisurely breakfast, talked, and sat in the sun for a while before getting ready for our 2nd home tour.  This one was not a vintage home, but rather, was a brand new build that was built from a vintage Donald Wexler design.  The home tour was called Steel & Glass. 

While beautiful in its simplicity, I found this home to be far too cold and sterile for my taste.  Some of this may have been due to the furnishings/decorations. I did like how light and open it was.
Living room
Breakfast area looking into kitchen
Pool and spa
Since it was Sun and we saw several open house signs, we decided to pop into some of the open houses.  We went inside 2 large homes near a golf course, both well over $1M, and then 2 more modest homes close to the 1 in which we were staying, priced at $399K & $449K.  It was fun to talk to the agents and learn more about the rental season there, which is understandably much longer than here in DE.

Next we had lunch at Trio which was yummy and then walked over to a vintage sale in a nearby parking lot.  They had a lot of really cool stuff but we all thought the prices were high.  I took these 2 photos because my friend Thad loves all kinds of vintage chairs and Pyrex.
I'd never seen anything like this
Cute polka dot design
Once back at the house we spent some time in the pool and hot tub, then showered and got ready for a nice out.

1st we went to happy hour at Trunks which was fun, then went back to Sherman's Deli to have cake since we were too full on our 1st visit there.  The slices were huge and we ended up taking parts of them back to the house for later.

Then we went to a drag show at Toucan's which advertised appearances by queens from RuPaul's Drag Race Morgan McMichaels, Delta Werk, Pandora Boxx, and Raja.  It was free/standing room only and we really couldn't see the performers from where we stood.  There were some people who rudely pushed through the patrons as if they were going somewhere, so within about 1/2 an hour all 4 of us were over it and left.  Oh well, what do you expect for a free drag show?

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