Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend highlights

While I was out showing property Sat morning I got a text from Spouse saying his mom was in the hospital and that he was leaving to go see her.  When I finished with my clients I listened to a voice mail Spouse had left me, and I called him back.  He said his mom had complained of shortness of breath the night before.  Her doctor suggested she turn in for the night and if she still didn't feel well the next morning she should call him.  That call resulted in her going to the hospital Sat morning.  Spouse said they were doing tests and he'd update me later.  I finished the day at work and then checked in with Steven about getting together for dinner.  Steven told me that Thad had gone to PA to see his mom who had been taken to the hospital too!  Steven was having dinner with another friend so I decided to go to Saketumi by myself.  I often run into people I know there, so I decided it wouldn't be so bad to go by myself.  I sat at the bar and enjoyed a delicious Cosmo and some sushi rolls.  Unfortunately I didn't see anyone I knew so I was finished eating and back home within an hour.  I caught up on DVR'd shows and went to bed.

Sun I was scheduled to work, which turned out to be fine since Spouse wasn't home anyway.  I wound up working late because of an unscheduled meeting with a new client.  Afterward I grabbed a sandwich to eat at home and watched TV.  It was Oscars night and it seemed kind of weird to not be watching an awards show with Spouse and Steven & Thad.  I talked to Spouse on the phone and learned that the doctor thinks she has a blockage in an artery.  They're scheduling a procedure to know for sure the next day.  After being out with clients all day I was kind of tired and fell asleep during the Oscars, so I went to bed.

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