Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.  Shall we get started?

I recently switched over to the 'new' Blogger interface, which probably came out a year ago.  I really like how you don't need to select the size your photos will display before uploading them.  Instead, you just upload them and then you can experiment with what size you want them to be.  Genius!!

A friend sent me this and I wondered if Ikea will be stocking this soon?  Me thinks their demographic would 'appreciate' the styling.

Our weather has been wacky again recently.  40 degrees one day, 65 degrees the next day, then back to 40 again.  It makes it hard to know how to dress for work!

I lost 2 more lbs last week, for a total of 19 lbs since New Years Day.

I saw this one on Facebook.
These dear old folks warmed my heart!

Spouse has been driving me nuts with our portal electric space heater.  We turn the thermostat down before we go to bed and turn on an electric space heater to keep our bedroom warm and cozy.  Only, just recently Spouse has 'experimented' with moving the space heater around in the room.  The other night after I'd gotten into bed he put the heater right smack in the middle of the walkway.  When I got up in the dark to pee I walked right into it.  I was so mad I nearly turned around and peed on him!!

This cracked me up!! 
If you don't get it right away, look closer.

Have a great weekend Everyone!

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anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmmmm, nice bookcase!

so far on WW, lost 13.2 pounds.

NO ONE'S marriage is threatened by same-sex marriage, it's just that the redumblicans can't see the love through their hate.

and jeebus can keep on walking past my house and go far far away; I gave up imaginary friends before kindergarten.