Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend highlights

Sat I worked all day and then we met up with Steven & Thad for dinner.

I was supposed to be off on Sun but I had clients who wanted to come from out of town to look at homes so I agreed to meet with them at 10.  I connected with them and we had a nice time together.  I'm sure they'll buy but they're still getting to know the area.  When I got home around 2pm Spouse suggested we go have lunch and then do a little shopping, so we did.  When we returned home I got ready for a musical murder mystery.

Although I've never been to one, I understand the concept of a murder mystery.  The players stay in character as they circulate through the audience, introducing themselves and sharing key plot points and motivations.  A character is killed, the audience can ask the players questions, and must then decide which character committed the murder and why.

A real estate association to which I belong did 1 of these last year and it was a big success, so they decided to do it again this year with a twist: they added live musical performances to make it a musical murder mystery.  Since I was relatively new to the association I was asked to participate.  Apparently they have better success getting 'new' members to do this.  Since 2 of the roles were going to have to sing, they asked me if I could sing.  They had no knowledge of my "Legends" performances or my "Rehoboth Idol 2011" win last June, so I simply answered 'Yes', I could sing.

The theme was a spoof on the TV show "Dallas" and my character was Yancy Granger, a country music star engaged to marry Liza Jane Newing, 1 of the heirs to the Newing ranch and dynasty.  At the Newing's Valentines Ball Yancy discovers his old flame Candace Barlow (whom he called Candy Bar) and I sang the song "Candy".  Later, Candy sangs "Killing Me Softly".

I think the audience and the players had an equally fun time with it.  I think everyone was surprised that I wasn't just an amateur singer.  It was kind of nice to get so many kind compliments.

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