Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend highlights

Sat I worked til 5.  Then Spouse & I had dinner at Steven & Thad's house with them and Jason & Kevin.  Spouse was in charge of the Weight Watchers-friendly dessert and did a great job with it.  Unfortunately he couldn't quite remember how many points the dessert contained!  We all laughed as his guestimate went from 5 points to 'no more than 10 points'.  We had a very nice time visiting with each other, until we turned on the TV and learned of Whitney Houston's death.

Sun I was scheduled to work til 4 but I took a new couple out and didn't get done with them until 5.  Then Spouse & I went back over to Steven & Thad's for dinner and to watch the Grammy awards.  

We made Weight Watcher-friendly pizzas using flatbreads, turkey pepperoni, low-fat cheese, mushrooms and other diced veggies.  They didn't come out crispy but I didn't care; they tasted good!  We watched the red carpet coverage and then watched the Grammy awards.  Adele sure cleaned up!  Again Spouse was in charge of the dessert.  This time he made a Hungry Girl recipe called Mississippi Mug Cake.  Its a lower calorie version of the original, but made as individual servings in mugs.  They were pretty good but Spouse forgot an important ingredient, chocolate chips.  We had a fun time.

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