Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Full of glee

Last night was the premier of season 2 of "Glee" and I must say that I enjoyed it.

No, its not very 'realistic' but it IS a lot of fun. If you want 'reality' there are plenty of other shows for you.

Here are some things I like about "Glee":

  • Its FUN!
  • I was in a show choir in high school so this brings back many happy memories
  • Great variety of music performed
  • Great voices and enjoyable choreography
  • Hilarious writing for characters like Sue Sylvester and Kurt Hummel
  • Each episode's story is self-contained. If you miss one, or missed the entire season 1, you will still know what's going on (unlike "Lost")
  • Its different from everything else on TV
  • Although the show borders on campy (which is a good thing), the plot lines are just believable enough
  • Puck is HOT!
But hands down, my favorite part of last night's episode was the 'sneak preview' of Sue Sylvester and some of the students covering Madonna's music video "Vogue". WATCH IT HERE. Did you notice the lyric substitutions "Sue Sylvester, dance on air" and "Will Schuster, I hate you"??? Brilliant, just brilliant!!

Next week's episode contains all Madonna songs along with an unhealthy dose of Madonna worship. Should be FABULOUS!

Crush du Jour: Brando Eaton


MadeInScotland said...

We don't have such things in school here in the UK. But as sure as legwarmers followed the kids from fame, so too (I'm sure) will Glee club equivalents.

For my own part, I've always been a drama fag, I'm told. Musical theatre might be a means to describe my life.

But, without wanting to rain on glee's parade, I just can't settle down to watch it.


Christopher said...

Loved last night's show and I'm looking forward to the Madonna episode. That Vogue video was hilarious!

S J D said...

Hey girl, it's not season 2 yet, just the back 8 episodes of season 1! We've got all sorts of bitchasscrazy shit to look forward to in season two! GET PUMPED!

behrmark said...

I agree with everything you said EXCEPT you forgot to mention Matthew Morrison is adorably hunkily cute!

Cubby said...

What is going on with Puck? The writers all but ignored this character in the premiere, and he is by far the hottest stud on TV. Could the actor, Mark Salling, be such a bad singer and actor that they have no choice but to be shove him to the background? I sure hope not.

RAD said...

I know a few charaters had no air time this week huh? Cute Puckaroo...Will see his fine ass soon enough... Its all the set up to introduce new characters and stories....IT GOING TO BE SO GOOD!! What fun!

cb said...

I just love Glee... rally I do.