Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In memory of Dixie Carter

By now everyone's heard that actress Dixie Carter died last Sat of cancer at the age of 70. She was married to actor Hal Holbrook for more than 25 years.

Best know for her role as Julia Sugarbaker in the sitcom "Designing Women", she was the sassy but sophisticated southern woman with an amazing command of the English language. Julia was known for her carefully worded, eloquently delivered, but scathing rants against injustices. Here's the one for which she's likely best known, and certainly my favorite:

But before Carter played Julia Sugarbaker, sister of Suzanne Sugarbaker (played by Delta Burke) on "Designing Women", she played Carlotta Beck, another sassy but not-so-sophisticated southern woman, and the sister of Kathleen Beck (played by Delta Burke) in the 1982 sitcom "
Filthy Rich". I don't remember much about the show and was unable to find any clips on YouTube and Hulu. But what I do remember is Dixie Carter as Carlotta, calling out to her husband Marshall during a thunderstorm with an exaggerated southern accent "Maaaaaaaah-shal, oh Maaaaaaaaah-shal... the thundah... the THUNDAH Maaaaaaaaa-shal".

Not all of Carter's roles were comedies. She also played dramatic characters on Broadway, in TV shows such as "Family Law", "Law and Order: SVU", "Diagnosis: Murder", and a few soap operas. She was nominated for an Emmy in 2007 for her performance on "Desperate Housewives".

Despite being a registered Republican, Carter referred to herself as a "
friend of the gay community" and performed with Elaine Stritch and Bea Arthur at an AIDS fundraiser in Washington DC in 2004.

She was a great talent who will definitely be missed.

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John Going Gently said...

great clip

Anonymous said...

Such a sad loss. A very talented and classy lady.

Unknown said...

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Joy said...

Loved that show! Great writing, excellent cast, and unforgettable entertainment! What a loss for us and for Hal Holbrook and her children.