Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weekend highlights

We arrived at Spouse's mom's house in VA at about 9:00 Fri night and visited with her until bedtime.

Sat morning we picked up my aunt Mary and headed to Kerry & Hugh's for the Manassas Christmas parade. It was raining when we picked up Mary, but it changed over to snow by the time we got to Kerry & Hugh's. It was the wet snow that hangs heavily in the trees. It really was beautiful! We wondered if they'd call off the parade due to the weather, but they didn't, and the scene couldn't have been more picturesque.

I forgot my camera so I got these photos from my friend Liz. (All photos will expand when clicked.) Here's one of several high school marching bands.
Notice how they all have on clear plastic to keep their uniforms from getting wet, but still allowing the uniforms to be seen. I loved that!

Here is me, Kelly, Spouse (clutching his non-existent pearls), and aunt Mary watching the parade from Kerry & Hugh's front porch. The parade goes right down their street.

Here's one of many floats.

Here are some folks on horses.
They had a teenager follow them with a poop-scoop so the parade contingents that followed wouldn't step in anything.

One of the parade sponsors gave out these funny elf hats to everyone, so Spouse donned his for this photo op.
Aint he a cutie?

The parade ran from 10:00-12:00 and we hung around for a little while afterward and visited. Then we stopped for lunch on our way out of town, then headed back to Spouse's mom's house.
My aunt Mary and I visited with Spouse's mom while Spouse went to his sister's house and made home made ravioli. His sister will freeze them and then we'll have them for dinner on Christmas day. Making pasta with his sister is a Christmas tradition Spouse really enjoys.

When he returned he took a short nap (of course) and then we all got ready to go out for Spouse's mom's birthday dinner (3 weeks early, not that I'm still bitter). All 5 of her children were there, along with most spouses and grandchildren. She chose
Bonefish Grill which was very crowded. Despite having made a reservation several days in advance, we still had to wait almost 20 minutes to be seated. I had Lily's Chicken and thought it was fine; definitely not as exciting as the ingredients implied. But the service was excellent. Afterward we all went back to her house and visited. Spouse & I took aunt Mary back to her place.

Sun morning Spouse's sister came over and the 3 of us and his mom went out to breakfast, then did a little shopping at the
Home Goods and World Market stores, which we like a lot but do not have here in DE. Literally for years Spouse has been looking for lightweight (not stoneware) plain white dishes, and we finally found them at Home Goods: 12 dishes in a box for $19.99, so we got 2 boxes. These will be great when we have holiday dinners and dinner parties. We also got a very cute ottoman for our dressing room, on clearance for $36. All in all it turned out to be a very productive shopping expedition.

We left Spouse's mom's just before 2:30 and got home just before 5:00. I fired up Big Ella so I could drop her off at the detail shop so she could get a wash-n-wax on Mon, in preparation for being in the Hometown Christmas Parade in Rehoboth Beach Mon evening. But as we headed out we saw that the road was blocked by a police barricade. The Lewes Christmas parade had been postponed from Sat evening to Sun evening due to heavy rain and wind. So I circled around and made my way to the start of the parade and got one of the officers to let me join the Christmas parade which had just started! Big Ella wasn't particularly shined up, nor was she decorated for Christmas, but onlookers seemed to appreciate her just the same. She received lots of compliments and accolades, and it was really fun.

Afterward, Spouse followed me to the detail shop where we left Big Ella, then we went to the store, had dinner at Ledo Pizza, and returned home to watch a little TV before going to bed early.

Crush du Jour: John Salutare


behrmark said...

Not only is Spouse a cutie he's a hottie!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good time. And glad Big Ella got to show off again.

See, we could never do the whole family thing. Keyron's mom is in Gum Neck, NC, and my dad is in Oklawaha, FL. It's 800 miles to Keryon's moms house, and then 800 miles from her house to dad's place.

A Lewis said...

Well, gee now, doesn't that look like a lot of fun -- snow and all!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! We are getting a little bit of snow today. The first of the season. I'm not ready!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Love Big Ella too, sounds like you made the best of the situations and enjoyed your Birthday and the parades ect. Merry Christmas to you and Spouse,keep on writing,Tom Sawyer,Melbourne Fl.

Bob said...

Love the photo of the band marching in the snow, it looks almost like an old photo.
But what I loved was this: "clutching his non-existent pearls"!
Carlos was doing that exact same thing when we spotted a teeny timy snake in the yard and I couldn't put words to his actions.
But you did!

cb said...

I Can NOT believe you caved and went to mo
in laws instead of doing YOUR birthday.


Kyle Leach said...

Mark, the photos are lovely. Everyone looks happy and seems to be having a great time. Love the elf hats they handed out. How could anyone not think your hubby was adorable? Home Goods is a dangerous place, but we love it, although recently the one here has been filled with a lot of stuff we don't like.