Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pouncer to the vet

Yesterday I took Pouncer to the vet because he was showing symptoms again of the bacterial infection he had back in Sept. The symptoms include wheezing when he breathes and rapid successions of sneezing. (In case you want to know more details about it, click here, here, here, and here.)
Fortunately his current symptoms aren't nearly as bad as last time. He is still eating and his activity level appears normal, which is good. Hopefully we'll get this taken care of before it has a chance to get worse.

We decided not to take him back to the same vet, even though he likely has the same issue. We felt like the care he got there was good, but extremely expensive. Two exams, blood work, fluids, antibiotic injections, sedation and a scope exam cost over $1,100. Several friends mentioned how much they like a different vet who provided good care for their pets at a more reasonable cost. So yesterday I took Pouncer to the new vet.

As soon as I walked in the door I noticed a 'low budget' feeling. The waiting area was much smaller and was provisioned with furniture that appeared to have been rescued from a doctor's office in 1979. There was a steel blue leather sofa, on which a cat slept in the sun light, and several uncomfortable wooden chairs. The paint was dingy and there was a definite smell of animals in the air. Yes, I know it was a vet's office, but the expensive vet never smelled like animals.

Pouncer hates riding in the car but the expensive vet was only 2 miles from home so it wasn't that bad. The 'low budget' vet is about 8 miles away with many traffic lights, so I had to endure Pouncer's sorrowful moans and growls all the way to the new vet. Once inside the waiting room he quieted down, but when the tech tried to get him out of is carrier he did not want to come out. He wedged his hind legs inside the carrier opening, so we wound up having to tilt it forward to 'dump' him out.

I explained to the tech and the doctor about Pouncer's bacterial infection in Sept and his response to the treatment. During his exam Pouncer moaned, growled, and hissed at them repeatedly. He was definitely NOT happy with all the poking and prodding he received. (Funny, that's my favorite part of a doctor's visit!) They came to the same conclusion that it was likely a bacterial infection in his sinus area and gave him an antibiotic injection that should work for 2 weeks.

As soon as they let him go Pouncer promptly returned to the safety of his carrier.

Although the 'low budget' vet isn't nearly as nice or fancy as the 'glamor' vet, I will continue using the 'low budget' vet because I believe the care is just as good but at a lower price. I don't need 'fancy' or 'glamorous' at the vet that much!

Soon after returning home Pouncer must have forgiven me for subjecting him to the car rides and the vet visit, because he jumped up into my lap and allowed me to pet him while he purred.

Crush du Jour: Martin Karpan


Stephen said...

What we do for the critters we love!
I know how you feel about the Vet. We never seem to get out from even the most ordinary visits for less than $400.
I am overwhelmed by the Crush du Jour... I hope Martin Karpan will be stuffed in my stocking on Christmas morning.

Bob said...

Vets are very expensive; Carlos used to be one!
And, the nice offices and new furnishings aren't for the patients, but for the patients's owenrs, so a little scruffy office that provides good care at a lower cost is a nice find.

behrmark said...

So sorry to hear Pouncer is feeling poorly. Winston and I send good thoughts for Pouncer's speedy recovery!

Now as for Martin Karpan...I'm speechless. Hottest.Crush du Jour.Ever.

MadeInScotland said...

Good luck Pouncer. How old is he?

I had Chadwick for 18 years, but in November I took her to the vet and she never came home.... :(

The last time she was at the vet before then I spent £519 on her, for a tooth extraction. In modern money that's about $850. How I wept.

But not as much as the time she didn't come home...

Made in Scotland: Don't Rain On My Parade


Anonymous said...

In the space of one year I spent $3,500 on cats and all I ended up with was 3 dead cats.

I'm at the point now, if a cat exhibits tumors or is rapidly losing weight, not eating, drinking, etc. it's time to put them down.

David Dust said...

Poor kitty. I certainly hope Pouncer responds to the meds and gets better.


Mistress Maddie said...

Thank God everything turned out ok. It is always scary when somethng like this happens.

anne marie in philly said...

my steven and meredith say: "meow, get well soon, cousin pouncer!"

when behrmark is done with the crush, I have next dibs! furry.is.good!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you and Pouncer are looking at an easier time. My vet in VA is great and I think inexpensive. Whenever I use the vet by my parents, I pay a fortune. Neither has a fancy office.

When I went to the 24 hr emergency vet with my cousin's dog, they had a camera scope for his ear and I could see it on a tv screen! They weren't expensive but I left there with tons of promo stuff. I thought, wow, the drug industry has come to the vet.

wcs said...

Here's hoping for Pouncer's speedy recovery!

Jeff said...

Hope Pouncer make a swift recovery! And Brad and I wish you and Joe a very happy Christmas and a spectacular 2010!

Big hugs!

Joy said...

This sounds like a good idea. I've had times I spent lots of money on cats and then they died. That doesn't feel as worth it somehow.

Kyle Leach said...

Mark I'm glad Pouncer is getting good care at the new vet. I'm happy you found a vet that charges reasonable prices and gives good service. That's not easy to find. The surroundings are less important than the people and the care they give.