Thursday, December 17, 2009


I am honored to mention that I am a recipient of the "Circle of Friends Award" from fellow blogger Larry. Thank you Larry!!

Larry & his husband Greg live in OH and have been together 17 years. They got married in CA in 2008. I had the pleasure of meeting them both at the Equality March in Washington, DC in Oct 2009. To learn more about Larry and read his blog, click here.

Upon receiving this award I am to mention 5 things I enjoy or like to do, then pass the award on to 5 others. So, here goes!

1. I love jazz standards, vocal jazz, and a capella music. I remember hearing The Manhattan Transfer sing "Operator" back in the 70s and I knew this type of music was for me. Then I discovered Ella Fitzgerald and felt as if I'd found a kindred soul. (Who else can perform a song for over 9 minutes without boring the audience?) In the 90s I discovered The Real Group and am in love with their lush, tight harmonies with no instrumental back-up. If you listen to all 3 clips above, you will know me musically.

2. I love cars. Ever since I was a kid I have had a fascination with cars. As an toddler I would sit on our Electrolux and ride it around the house. Then came the Matchbox cars. On road trips I would bring to my parents' attention any car with non-original hubcaps. As a teenager I started going to local car shows and narrowed down my favorite era to 1950s-1960s. My 1st car was a 1979 Chevrolet Chevette; my 1st cool car was a 1978 VW bug convertible; I've had 2 Honda Accords, a Civic, and we currently have a CRV and a BMW 325i convertible. Finally at the age of 45 I finally my very own vintage car.

3. I strive to be an authentic person. I really don't like feeling that I have to do something or be a certain way because its expected of me. I want to be myself; my own genuine person. Traditions and expected social behavior are fine suggestions, as they give everyone a general idea of what's 'normal'. But I enjoy the freedom to be unexpected, unconventional, and spontaneous sometimes; an individual who uses good judgement when deciding when to color outside the lines.

4. I really enjoy cocktails. I'm not the kind of guy who drinks to get drunk. Even in my '20s I didn't do that. But I enjoy the endless combinations of alcohol and mixers that people can dream up, and I pretty much like everything. My favorite cocktail to make at home is a Blue PomeCosmo (aka: Marktini). My favorite to order in a restaurant is a Cosmopolitan. My favorite to order in a crowded bar or club is Malibu and diet soda because I enjoy the taste and its really easy and fast for a bartender to make. Occasionally I'll feel like having a beer, but not very often.
5. I have always enjoyed writing. I still have several 'creative writing' assignments from middle school. I wrote a short play when I was home from (high) school with pneumonia for 2 weeks. Shortly after coming out I began chronicling my thoughts, feelings, and actions that lead to that decision, which I have since updated and
shared on this blog. Blogging is a wonderful outlet for personal expression, learning from others, and for keeping track of events. Its hard to believe that I will celebrate my 5th year of blogging later this month.

Now, I will bestow the illustrious "Circle of Friends Award" upon 5 other bloggers and anticipate what they'll write about themselves. So, will Mark at Behr Blather, Bob at I Should Be Laughing, David at David Dust, Jeffrey at I was Half in Love by the Time We Sat Down, and Rob at JavaJunkie kindly bow to receive your award? Click on their blogs for some good readin'.

Crush du Jour: Seth Cooper


Bob said...

Well, Mark, thanks for the ward. I'll dust off my shelf and put it on up there!
I loved your list.
Matchbox cars! i loved those, and my first car was a 1969 VW Bug with striped carpets! That car took me all over the place, from the snowy Sierras to the deserts of California.
And I, too, have a coctail named after me: The Bob-a-rita! It's my own little Nectar of the Gods!

behrmark said...

I am both humbled and honored, Mark. Thank you. I shall endeavor to live up to your expectations. I am postponing my entry until the weekend when I'm back home (I can't wait!). Again, many thanks. BEHR HUGS!!

Unknown said...

First things first - Seth Cooper is gorgeous!

Nicely done with the list!

J@v@JuNKo said...

ooooooooooooooh!! first of all CONGRATS!! and second THANKS A LATTE`!!! I am honored to receive this wonderful award from you! Your blog is always a joy to read!! I'd also like to thank the academy and all my fans lol! I shall work on my acceptance speech more tonight and do my post! thank you (doin a cartwheel off stage) btw...Seth Cooper...I want him under my tree please!