Thursday, December 03, 2009

Christmas decorating

Its unlike me, but I've not been in the mood to decorate for Christmas this year.

Normally by now we'd have our tree up and decorated, an 8-10 hour process which usually spans 2-3 days. We'd have white lights wrapped around the spindles of our front porch. We'd have our framed family photos removed from the mantel and replaced with candles and Christmas decorations. We'd have holiday votives, stuffed snowmen, and other assorted decor strewn throughout the house. We'd have both of those 'lovely' (tongue in cheek) silver fiber optic Christmas trees that change colors in our family room and TV room. There would be a wreath on the front and back of our front door and side door, and Spouse's Christmas cookie jar collection would be displayed on the kitchen counters. I would have started writing and addressing the holiday cards.

As of today, none of that's happened. And since we're leaving tomorrow after work for VA and will be gone the entire weekend, it won't be happening this weekend either. I've just not been in the mood to do it.

Although holiday depression is very common, I don't believe that's my problem. I was excited enough about driving Big Ella in 2 Christmas parades to call and enter. Unfortunately one of them was supposed to be last night, when we were having torrential rain and near tornado winds. The other one is next Mon, on my birthday.

When I talked to Spouse about my uncharacteristic nonchalance about holiday decorating, he said "I know why. The house was in disarray for over 5 months. We just got it all put back together and cleaned, so the idea of pulling out all those decorations isn't appealing to you."

By Job, I think he's right. Now that the addition is done, the furniture and rugs are all put back where they belong, and the housekeeper has been here twice, the house is finally back to normal and I don't feel like upsetting that again.

Additionally, since we're not having a holiday party this year, there's even less incentive to pull out all those decorations and set them up/put them out. Maybe we won't do it this year.

I sort of hinted to Spouse that maybe we'd just skip all the decorating this year since we're not having a party, will be busy every weekend in Dec, and will be back in VA for 4 days over Christmas. He bawked and said that at a minimum we would put up our tree and decorate it. But the longer we wait to do it, the less I'm going to want to do it.

I wonder if I can talk him into just setting up those 2 silver fiber optic trees, side by side in the living room and calling it a day...

Crush du Jour: Justin Bartha


Kyle Leach said...

I think you definitely have the after construction blues. After we managed to get our contractor out, we were so happy to have him gone. I dreaded pulling out all the decorations for the holidays. Be easy on yourself. If you don't feel like it don't do it. Don't make a happy time a chore.

behrmark said...

I think Spouse is partially right. I think that there's some residual miffness about your birthday lingering. That's just how I see it.

Besides putting up the trees, why not just strip Justin Bartha and string lights on him? Grrrrr.

And Behr Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

I'm finally getting things done in my place. It just doesn't seem like the holidays are here. Hopefully I get the spirit soon!

Peter Maria said...

Totally with you. There will be no tree, outside lights, etc. at our house this year. We'll be surrounded by decorations for several days at the holiday itself, and I think that's enough. Hope you guys come to a nice compromise.

Stephen said...

Maybe it needs to be a shorter Holiday season & a more modest one at that... it will be special because you are together. Maybe you should have the work crew over for holiday cheer?
Have a swell weekend.

cb said...

I was wondering what you were going to do with the house, especially after all that work was done.

It's ok not to decorate you know. I NEVER do. I hate the clutter of it.