Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wednesday update

Sun night and Mon we had snow. It was very windy, causing the snow to drift so I really don't know many inches we got. The wind also made the screens rattle in the windows. I woke up several times thinking the dog or cat was getting into something, but it was just the wind. Both Spouse & I had a 'snow day' on Mon, which completely floored me. I mean, I work for a company with clients all over the US, Canada, and some in Europe. It didn't snow everywhere! But some folks had to work in order to produce our clients' scheduled events, and I worked a little too. But mostly Spouse & I had a nice day watching TV, looking at the snow, and eating snacks.

Speaking of eating snacks, you may have noticed there was no weigh in last Tues. That is because I didn't lose any weight. Same goes for this Tues. I seem to have plateaued; or maybe its those snacks! I'm usually not a 'snacker', but for some reason we both feel like snacking on a snow day.

Work has been really busy this week, hence the sparse posts of late.

We had a wonderful time at our young friend Emely's Quinceanera! I got upset at first because our NEW camera was not working correctly. For some reason it kept reading "Batteries exhausted" even though I changed the batteries out with new ones 3 times. Can anyone explain why this would happen? Fortunately my good friend Kerry is never without a camera so I got these photos from her.
This is Emely with her brother Javier and her parents Ana and Jose.

Here is Spouse, Emely, and me. (Ssshhh... don't tell Spouse I posted a photo of him.)

My dear friend Kerry, the source of these lovely photos.

Spouse's mother Evelyn, Spouse, and Kerry's father (and our friend) George.
Emely's mother Ana told me the cake came from Wegman's, and had a vanilla layer, a chocolate layer, and butter cream icing. I was disappointed that we left before they got around to cutting the darn thing!

During the delicious sit-down dinner, the DJ began playing a mixture of 80s songs and Mexican songs. Then, as is the Quinceanera custom, the DJ played a waltz and Emely danced with her father and 2 uncles, each for 15 seconds or so. As one passed her off to the other they would twirl her around. It was so cute!
Then many others joined them on the dance floor. Above Kerry is dancing with Emely's father Jose. Behind Kerry you can see a screen where a photo slideshow was playing. Kerry did a fantastic job of showing Emely with her family and friends at some of their many activities. It was really beautiful.
Emely's uncle Jorge and aunt Terri 'cut the rug' too! (I love this picture!)

It was such a warm and loving affair! Everyone was smiling and laughing; there was no 'family drama' or competition. We were so happy to have been invited and to be able to make it back to VA for the party.
Crush du Jour: Jimmy Clabots


cb said...

Finally some good pics of you and spouse!! I'm tellin!!!

Oh, and it's a shame that they misspelled "emily".

Java said...

Sounds like wonderful fun! Emely is a beautiful girl! Or is she a young woman? I suspect that depends on who's describing her. She probably thinks she's a young woman. Her parents would call her a girl I have no doubt. I would if I were her Mama!

You and Spouse are such a cute couple!! He looks like a very lively fellow.

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a good time. I guess this party was pretty tame which is good.

For goodness sakes be careful though, if Emely ends up getting her Masters degree some day that will be a party just one degree less frenetic than a wedding.

Mistress Maddie said...

Looks like it was a wonderful time there with all the folks including the handsome couple!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks AND sounds like you guys had a good time. And I must say you and Spouse are quite adorable. :-)

RAD said...

YEA!!!!! LOVE the pics of you boys! You handsome fellas! And I bet you do know how many inches fell and drifted--I know you! he he he! Great pics!! I wont tell the hubby you posted them....Mums the word....THANKS for sharing! xo

tornwordo said...

Looks like it was a great party! Thanks for the pics too.

Joy said...

I love getting to see the pictures of the party and especially of you and Spouse. Thanks!

Joy said...

I love getting to see the pictures of the party and especially of you and Spouse. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ah..