Thursday, March 19, 2009

Friday fragments

Well, its Friday: the 'appetizer' to the coming weekend.

This weekend we don't have any social plans, other than meeting up at some point with our friend Tim who will be in town for the weekend. We do have one priority for the weekend though: clean this disgustingly filthy house!
Now, I'm no Mommie Dearest by any stretch of the imagination. But we haven't done a good, thorough housecleaning in several weeks, and it shows! I can't stand it any longer.

Street reconstruction continued Mon-Wed of this week, from 7:30 am - 7:30 pm. For some reason, there has been no street work done yesterday or today, but I don't mind, as it is nice to have some quiet again. Here is the 'view' from our porch:
This is our yard, looking from the driveway:
You can't see it in the photo above, but one of the heavy pieces of construction equipment cracked our driveway. I spoke to one of the engineers yesterday who gave me his business card and promised they would 'make it right'. Here's what we see across the street:

Thanks to Smallville gay activist Bob over at I Should be Laughing for posting this fantastic video of SF Mayor Gavin Newsom speaking out on how separate is not equal. This ties in nicely with this post. Any idea how we can encourage more straight politicians to become our advocates?

I have been having terrible luck with electronics lately. I booted up an old laptop and was prompted to perform a windows update, which I did. Now the laptop won't boot up anymore. I bought an inexpensive mp3 player and loaded some fast-tempo music that will be good when I'm on the treadmill. I know the music loaded, but for some reason I couldn't get it to play. Somehow Spouse (the only person less tech savvy than me) got it to play. Our new camera keeps giving me a "battery exhausted" message, despite putting fresh batteries in it several times. My friend Nick explained that the camera's battery setting was set for a higher voltage battery, so all the lower voltage batteries tricked the camera into thinking they were dead. I bought the higher voltage batteries, but still get the message intermittently.

My friend Kevin sent me this funny website called F my life that has provided me with countless chuckles so far today. Check it out! I dare you to not find something funny.

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!

Crush du Jour: Alex Loynaz


Bob said...

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the shoutout, and the, uh, teabag? =)
I checked out FML.....too funny. i could fill up a page or so on my own.
Have a great Spring Cleaning Weekend!

cb said...

The construction will be done before you know it... then you'll have sewers you can dump shit down!

Anonymous said...

You can boot the PC in safe mode and remove the last service pack or software update.

Just shut it down, push the power button and keep pressing the F8 key. Eventually you'll be presented with a menu. Use the arrow keys to select SAFE MODE and hit enter.

In Safe Mode go into the Control Panels/Add Remove Programs and remove the last windows update.

Anonymous said...

BTW, curse you for the FML site.

larry said...

you have a lot on your plate!!!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I feel for ya with the street construction.
Who knew when I bought this house the a 15 foot diameter water main runs under the street. About 2 years ago, it had to be completely replaced! The silver lining in that 8 month cloud of dust was that the city replaced our storm ditches with curb and gutter storm drainage, which makes the neighborhood look much nicer!

Jeff said...

Oh. My. God!! You have leaves there!!! Wow! Really nice to see some greenery! Have a great weekend :)

tornwordo said...

That fmylife site is hysterical. Thanks!

Rick said...

Are they the only ones laying pipe in your neighborhood? ;)