Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Street progress

No doubt you're grateful that I've kept my whining and complaining about the street reconstruction to a minimum here on my blog. We are now in week #4 and progress continues. The pipe laying crew is almost finished burying the concrete drainage cylinders under where the street will once again be. They should complete that this week. Then will come the regrading, followed by the paving.

I spoke to one of the engineers last week regarding the large crack in our driveway. In addition, we now have several cracks in our sidewalk, too, thanks to the operators of those huge construction vehicles who accidentally drove on the driveway and sidewalk. The engineer gave me his business card and promised to 'make it right'.

Since I've tried not to let this ongoing construction dominate my blog, I've neglected to mention the hottie foreman I've been watching. He looks to be around 30 and always wears a fleece cap in that sexy kind of way, sorta like the guy in this photo:
I know, hot - right? I've been watching him from my office window for weeks. I've even tried to get a photo of him several times, but have been unsuccessful. He never stays in one place long enough, and the zoom on my camera isn't strong enough to capture his looks. The one photo I got just looked like a man on the street.

Yesterday morning as I had Jordan out in the yard, the hottie foreman emerged from his car, parked in our neighbor's driveway directly across the street. We made eye contact and then he walked toward me. For the first time I was close enough to see his pretty hazel eyes and the small gold hoop earring that peeked out from under that sexy fleece cap.

"Good morning" he said cheerfully.

"Morning" I replied, trying to sound even 1/2 as butch as he looked.

"We should be finished layin' the pipe this week" he offered.

"Why don't you step inside and lay some pipe with me" I wanted to suggest, but decided against it. Instead I said "Oh, really? What about the paving?"

"I don't know about the paving; I'm just the pipe guy" he replied.

"You certainly are..." I wanted to agree, but again, decided against it.

"I'm gonna see the lead engineer later this week so I'll ask him about the paving" he promised. "Hey, I'm sorry about those pipes in your yard over the weekend" he apologized, referring to this:

"No sweat" I replied, again trying to notch up my butch factor. "Its not like we have a pristine yard. I knew from the public works meeting that the grass would be affected by the construction and regrading."

"Well, we usually don't leave stuff in people's yard over the weekend, but we just didn't have any other place to put them. You probably saw how many pipes we had over there" he said, pointing across the street.

"I've got a place for your pipe" I wanted to assure him. But again, I decided against it. "Yeah, hard to believe it would take that many for such a short street" I said.

"We have to pay those people for using their land" he informed me.

"No kidding" I said, genuinely surprised. "What would you have done if that land weren't vacant?" I asked.

"We would have had to stage somewhere else and bring the equipment here each time we needed a piece. It would have made this take a lot longer, so its worth it to pay the owners to use the land, but we try to get in, get it done, and get out as fast as we can."

I was practically salivating by this time, with all that "get in, get it done, and get out" talk! I almost forgot he was talking about the street construction. But Jordan was tugging at her leash, letting me know she was ready to walk, so I thanked the hottie foreman for the info and wished him a good day.

A very good day.

Crush du Jour: David Williams


Bob said...

You gotta love a hot workman who is full of sexual innuendo.....even if he doesn't realize it!

Cinco said...

Isn't that the Prison Break guy in the picture?

Construction Foreman sounds wonderful. I hope you get a photo!

RAD said...

go get em tiger! You want the pipes guys pipe...he he he...sounds like someones having fun flirting!! :-)

Michael said...

Posts like this make me glad that Spouse never reads your blog!

The laying the pipe comments are pretty hilarious....at least you are getting some entertainment out of all of the street construction!

David Dust said...

You've just written a script for a porno movie. I'll get busy "auditioning" some "actors" for you...


neulicious said...

eeewwwww.........now that got me tinking......!!!! me hads the same tought as david......L

Stephen R. said...

That's it, I'm moving in!!! All this pipe talk has me all worked up!!!!

Jeff said...

LOL!!! Too fucking funny! I, of course, love all this pipe-laying talk! :)

Mistress Maddie said...

Girrrrllll, You have been holding out on us. I'll come up there and we can have some cock-a-tails and sit and watch the hotties. Nothing like seeing so "MUSCLES" pop!

Anonymous said...

Nice Posting

Steven said...

What a way to start a conversation talking about one's pipe. Took me a while to remember his name, but that foreman has a striking resemblence to Wentworth Miller (Prison Break).

Unknown said...

Love those inner dialogues- of course they drive me crazy when I'm having them. Always walk away wondering if any of it came out accidentally audible.
also go nuts with guys like that keeping my eyes locked on theirs rather than wandering furtively.

Joy said...

I've done that and wondered if my facial expression and eyes gave me away.