Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday fragments

Tonight we'll have dinner with 'the usual suspects' and then come home and watch a movie. Tomorrow morning we're heading back to VA for the weekend. Some friends from NH will be in town so we will enjoy seeing them after quite a while.

Spouse & I decided to go ahead and get bids for our garage/bath/closet addition. At this point we only have a vague idea what it may cost, so we've given 4 sets of plans out to 4 builders and explained what we want. In a week or so we should have an idea of what this project will cost and we'll have a better idea when we can start it, and what may have to be sacrificed if the estimates are higher than our budget. This should be quite informative and interesting!

This morning at 7:30 the street crew arrived with a very loud piece of machinery that turned the street into gravel. So much for "construction starting on Monday the 16th". Fortunately Spouse was on his way out the door for work when they started, so he was able to get his car out. We thought we had until Mon to park in our driveway.

We had light snow flurries this morning for about 30 minutes. Now at just after 5:00 the flurries are back. Man, I am SOOO ready for spring!

Have a great weekend!

Crush du Jour: Scott Adkins


Mistress Maddie said...

Don't woory Mark! I was just bird watching out the kitchen window and saw my frist Robin of the spring. They only return when warmth is around the corner!

Anonymous said...

Like you I am so ready for the end of winter. How I hate the cold, snow and ice.

And yes, I've noted increased bird chatter outside so it's coming.

Jeff said...

I'll be interested in seeing how you make out with the bids... I think we will be doing some renovating sometime in the near future as well - in a year or so, anyway.

And don't you dare complain about your "winter"!! We still have 5 FEET of snow in our backyard!!

Hope you guys have a super weekend!

Joy said...

If you have the renovations, you can also complain about the inconvenience, noise, dust, and everything then. Maybe it will get to begin right after the road work! LOL I just had to pick on you.

Bob said...

Spring is coming mark.
We were in the low 80s most of the week in Smallville, and then Friday it dropped to the 40s....rain and cold until Tuesday.
But I think this is the last of it.
My dogwoods are in bloom, and more birds in the yard!