Monday, August 27, 2007

Jordan's hijinx

Fri evening we left shortly after 6pm for a weekend back in DC. Shortly after entering the neighborhood where Spouse's mother lives, he & I both voiced the need to use the bathroom as soon as we arrived. After kissing Spouse's mother hello, both us headed to the bathrooms. Within just a few minutes, Jordan had found a box that had been left on the floor that contained 12 individual servings of dog food. When Spouse found her, it appears she'd wolfed down 3 of the 12 packets of food.

It seems like something happens with Jordan every month when we stay at Spouse's mother's house. One time she spit up on the mat in front of the patio door. Another time she went #2 on the carpet while the 3 of us were out. Another time Spouse fed her and when he wasn't looking his mother fed her again and she got sick from too much food. Another time Jordan got into the cat's litter box and ate several 'delicacies', which made her sick. It just seems like no matter what we do to avoid it, every time we go there we have to put up with some doggy drama. And this past weekend was no exception.

Jordan doesn't tolerate the dog food that Spouse's mother feeds her dog so we always bring Jordan's regular food. So when Jordan ate 3 packages of the off-limits food we didn't know what to expect. I left Jordan, Spouse & his mom at home while I went to sing karaoke with friends. I got home at 12:30.

All had gone to bed, but Spouse & Jordan were still awake when I got in. Jordan wouldn't settle down, so I let her out in the yard to go to the bathroom. But about 2 hours later she woke us up with her pacing around the bedroom and panting, so Spouse got up and took her outside again. An hour or so later, the same thing. Basically the entire night she kept waking us up, needing to go outside and go to the bathroom because of having eaten all that food.

It was very frustrating. It seemed every time I got to sleep, Jordan would wake us up with her pacing and panting. One time I tried to just ignore her, hoping she'd lay down for a little while longer. This often works under normal conditions. But then she started scratching on the bedroom door with her paw so I woke Spouse and told him she needed to go out again.

Then Spouse's mother and her dog got up at 7am (on a Sat), completely oblivious to what we'd been through all night, and made enough noise to wake us up again. I looked at the clock and growled. Spouse & Jordan got up but I rolled over and eventually fell back asleep for another 2 hours.

Drag Queen name of the day: Winnie Baygo

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