Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gift cards

Last weekend when Spouse & I were back in DC visiting the family we decided to go shopping and use some of the gift cards we'd received last Christmas. Our friends and family wisely abstained from buying us stuff for Christmas, knowing we'd have to pack it all and move it a few weeks later. So instead, we received several gift cards but hadn't been able to use all of them since some of the stores don't have convenient locations here in DE.

At Macy's I got a stainless steel cocktail shaker that has multiple recipes on the side. Simply slide the shaker sleeve around to reveal the ingredients for several popular cocktails. Ingenious! Of course this isn't my only cocktail shaker. I love my vintage glass one, but decided that a 2nd one would be helpful for those times when I need to make several different drinks. Also at Macy's we got a set of cocoa colored bath towels, to go with our shower curtain. And from Crate & Barrel we got a pretty green ceramic baking/serving dish. We didn't see anything in Williams-Sonoma we couldn't live without so we decided to hold onto that gift card for another day.

Gotta love those gift cards! Get exactly what you want, shop when its convenient, and take advantage of sale prices - what could be better?

Drag Queen name of the day: Regina Upright

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