Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Doctor visit and Coco visit

As promised, I had my doctor visit today.

About a month ago when I had another one of those 'vertigo-like' spells I decided to find a new doctor here in DE and get a physical (its been nearly 2 years) and talk about these spells.

A friend recommended his doctor to me and I found the doctor participates in my insurance, so it seemed like a win/win situation. I liked the doctor a lot. Although straight he has a lot of gay male patients so he totally understands. The medical history form I filled out even had selections like single, married, divorced, partnered. I felt comfortable talking with him.

My blood pressure and vital signs were all normal and he commended me for my general healthful lifestyle (no smoking, no recreational drug use, occasional social drinking, etc.). I described to him the symptoms of the spells and, unlike the other 2 doctors I'd seen before, he knew what it was right away! He said my vagus nerve had been over-stimulated. Unfortunately its hard to tell what causes this to occur, but one of the more common reasons is dehydration. There's no cure or treatment for it, and its not life-threatening. Since the occurrences are quite infrequent, his best recommendation was to drink lots of water to remain well-hydrated at all times. At least I know I don't have a brain tumor or anything else serious.

I'm super excited because tonight I'm going to see Coco Peru, who is visiting the Blue Moon in Rehoboth Beach! My first exposure to Coco Peru was in the movie "Trick". She plays a drag queen who locks a young man in the restroom at a night club in order to warn him about the 'trick' he's just picked up. She was also in the wonderfully campy "Girls Will Be Girls". Then Coco appeared in the Bravo reality show "Boy Meets Boy" where a handsome man named James had to pick a date from a group of hotties... only some of the hotties were straight. Coco was the entertainment at one of the group's outings. But my absolute favorite Coco performance is her 30-minute stand-up routine on comedy show "Wisecrack" on the Logo network. She's brilliant! She really cracks me up, so I am really looking forward to seeing her tonight. Check in tomorrow for an update.

Drag Queen name of the day: Ally Gator

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