Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gay, Straight, & Taken

On Mon night I saw this new show on Lifetime called 'Gay, Straight, or Taken'. The concept is for a woman to be introduced to 3 guys, one of whom is gay, one of whom is straight and available, and one of whom is straight but taken (in a relationship). She spends some one-on-one time with each of them doing activities of her choosing (like yoga, ballroom dancing, etc) in an attempt to identify each guy's status. If she can correctly identify the straight and available guy, she and he go on a fancy weekend trip. If she does not correctly identify him, then the guy she picks gets to take the trip with his boyfriend or girlfriend.

I thought it was a clever concept, and when I watched both of the 1/2 hour shows I really liked them! Even I had trouble correctly identifying each guy's status. Young, straight, urban guys appear so gay these days. In both of the episodes I saw, the woman was not able to correctly identify the gay guy. In one case she did correctly identify the straight and available guy, but had the 'taken' and the gay guy reversed. In the other episode the woman didn't identify any of the 3 guy's status correctly.

I like the fact that it is only a 30 minute show. If it were on a network I'm sure they would have drug it out into the typical 60 minute reality show formula, which would just be too much. But kudos to Lifetime for correctly limiting this show to 30 minutes, which to me feels just right.

Keep your eye out for 'Gay, Straight, & Taken' on Lifetime at 9pm ET on Mondays!

Drag Queen name of the day: Henna Roid

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