Sunday, January 21, 2007

More packing and Snow

This weekend Joe & I once again spent several hours packing.

Its amazing to me how much stuff we've accumulated in the 6 years we've lived here. And I'm not a pack rat either. About 2 or 3 years ago we had a yard sale to get rid of some stuff, and then took all the unsold items to Goodwill. Twice a year I go through my closet (and sometimes Joe's too) and filter out the clothing I haven't worn and don't want to wear anymore. I either take it to Goodwill or allow Value Village to pick it up. Yet we still have too much stuff to take with us.

We went through the storage area of the basement and came up with 2 large boxes of good, usable stuff to donate. Then we went through the attic and bagged up 7 large trash bags full of Joe's clothes to donate. We filled up the Suburban and took the stuff to Goodwill.

Then we unloaded the pantry and packed all the stuff into boxes. Today Joe's sister Mary, neice Anna, and mother Evelyn came over to 'help'. Between the 3 of them and Joe, they finished packing up the kitchen while I worked on re-packing some boxes in the storage room. I decided to edit some of my old papers and re-pack the items in newer, sturdier boxes. I also packed some loose stuff that had been left from the last time we had worked in there.

Around 1pm it began to snow. When Joe's relatives arrived we didn't think much of the snow, since it is not unusual to get a light dusting that quickly melts. But it continued to snow for about 5 hours, and I'm guessing we got about 3 inches of snow. Of course the entire DC metro area is paralyzed. I'm sure they'll cancel school tomorrow for the kids - for 3 inches of snow.

The snow is pretty because its hanging in the trees. I don't mind it.

Drag Queen name of the day: Barb B Doll

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