Sunday, January 14, 2007


Last Wed I purchased some moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper from an ad on Craigslist. A woman had just moved to the area from Oregon and had lots of moving boxes and packing supplies to get rid of. The ad said she paid $200. for the boxes and supplies (which I'm sure is true) and I bought them for $50.

Yesterday Joe & I began packing. I'd been dreading it for weeks, even having dreams about the movers showing up on moving day and me running around in a full-on panic because I hadn't finished packing yet. But fortunately things went well yesterday as we packed up the books, papers, and decorations from the office/library and our bedroom, as well as the linen closet and one of the bedroom closets. Afterward we picked up my aunt and Joe's mother and had dinner at Red Hot & Blue.

Today we worked in the basement. I packed up a box of vintage decorations from the family room, and he and I sorted through the boxes in the storage area. Despite having had a yard sale and having sorted stuff a few months ago in preparation for listing the house, we still managed to identify several trashbags full of stuff we could throw away, as well as 2 large boxes of stuff to donate to a charity. After sorting it all we began boxing up what we were keeping, and then took a few loads of trash out to the curb.

Tomorrow my aunt is coming over to help us pack. We're working on the main floor of the house, and my aunt will be assigned to the dining room because everything in it must be packed. There's no sorting to do in there - all the glassware, dishes, trays, serving platters, bowls, and flatware will get packed. While she's doing that Joe & I will go around the rest of the main floor wrapping all the decorative stuff (vases, framed photos, etc) in bubble wrap and safely tucking them into padded boxes.

I'm crossing my fingers we'll find places for all this stuff, PLUS the stuff from the beach house, in our new house!

Drag Queen name of the day: Alberta V. O'Five

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Bugsy said...

Wow! You guys have been busy and lucky! I hope all continues to go well with your move, sale, renting, etc. I know how stressful all that must be!

Sorry we couldn't make it to dinner! We'd love to take a rain check!