Friday, January 12, 2007

Renter found

With our move to full-time living in Lewes we had no more need for the beach place in Lewes. We discussed the situation months ago with the other owners and all agreed we would put the place on the market for sale and for rent, and would be happy with whichever came first.

But knowing that the real estate market has been in transition for several months now, we were not optimistic about either a sale or a renter coming forward quickly. We mentally prepared ourselves to be patient for several months.

The listings went into the MLS on Mon, and on Tues we learned that an agent wanted to show the place to a renter on Wed. This was not entirely surprising, as properties often get some initial 'action' when they first come on the market.

But I was completely surprised when our listing agent called me on Fri morning to let me know the renter who saw the place on Wed had submitted an application! They did a credit check and prior rental history and both came up great. So we agreed to rent to them! 5 days on the market and a renter was found!

I called Joe first, and then the other owners who had left on vacation the night before and told them the good news. Like me, they were all surprised but delighted. One of them said "You guys should play the lottery because it seems like things are really going your way!"

Drag Queen name of the day: Deb U. Taunt

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