Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Oh dear lord, its 6:00 eastern and I just realized I hadn't posted yet today.

I had some miscellaneous post ideas, which I'd noted but never quite got around to arranging into a coherent post. Instead I've been trying to catch up on reading my blog list. When I started doing that I was 4 days behind. Now I'm 1 day behind. Sigh.

Yesterday there was a huge internet outage in these parts. At 11:30 am it went down, and I tried calling the cable company - 4 times - but kept getting disconnected. After several more hours of not being able to work (or read blogs) I got in the car and drove to the cable company's retail office, which accepts bill payments and exchanges cable boxes. There was a sign on the window indicating a "major fiber cut" had interrupted internet service for most of the county, but that technicians were working to restore service. As of 11:00 last night it was still down. Fortunately this morning it was up again.

This morning as I was walking Jordan I could see fog literally rolling off the water into town. It looked like Transylvania or something. I also heard soft rumbles of thunder. Shortly afterward the sun came out, and the guys were here working on the addition. A little later it clouded up quickly and we had a brief summer storm, lasting only about 10 minutes. Then the sun came back out the rest of the day. Weird.

This morning we gave the realtor the go-ahead to submit our offer on the foreclosure condo. A few hours later she called back to say that the listing agent told her there were 2 other offers (which did not exist yesterday) and wanted to let us know in case we wanted to improve ours. Our offer was aggressive (low) because there were no other offers at the time, so we decided to raise our price just a bit in light of the other offers. We're definitely not getting into a bidding war on this place, but decided to just offer the amount we were willing to negotiate up to. If we don't get it; so be it. There will be other foreclosures, I'm sure.

Crush du Jour: James Scott


Jeff said...

At least you're getting some sun! It's been dull, overcast and rainy here for weeks on end. I truly can't remember the last sunny day we had.

Good luck with the condo!

Steven said...

Your description of the fog rolling in off the water was reminiscent of my trip to San Fran where I saw the same thing occurring. It was like an amoeba moving about the water's surface.

Continued well wishes on the condo acquisition!