Saturday, July 04, 2009

Addition update - week 3

Week 3
No work was done, but the trusses were delivered.
Tues: The excess dirt was removed from inside the garage space, the footers were back-filled with dirt, and the garage floor base was smoothed/leveled. Flashing and wood base material were added to cinder block foundation, and one wall was framed. (Its laying on its side.) A preventative termite treatment was applied.
Wed: The remaining walls were framed, bolted into place, and covered with wood. Side view:
Front and side:
Front view:

Thurs: Holes were cut for the 3 windows and 1 door. The trusses were installed for the 2nd level. Side view:
Front and side:

Fri: The trusses were 'wrapped' with wood, and the 2nd level subfloor was installed. Front view:
Inside view:
The decorative crown molding was removed (and saved) from the windows, and more lumber was delivered for the 2nd story.
You might notice that there have been several small lumber deliveries, rather than 1 large delivery. The reason for this is because we live in a small 'downtown' area where the lots are very small. There is not enough room to deliver and store all the lumber at one time; thus we have multiple lumber deliveries as needed.

In next week's episode: the 2nd story is framed! Stay tuned.

Crush du Jour: Juan Jose Bracho


Bob said...

They seem to be moving rather quickly....although I only see it once a week so it probably seems longer to you guys!

Stephen said...

That is quite the project!!!
The Crush Du Jour is especially yummy!

Joy said...

They got quite a bit done. I like these weekly updates. It's coming along. How are you two holding up under the stress?

Steven said...

Glad to see how fast things are progressing. I hope it seems to be going as fast for you. Now I see where the Master bedroom is. That's going to be one large bedroom addition and walk-in closets. How many pairs of shoes do you have? ;-)

Jeff said...

Wow! The work is really progressing!