Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Doctor visit

Yesterday I went to the doctor about my shin. Now 10 days after the injury/trauma/bite/sting, it is still swollen and tender. Now it is bruised, too.

I explained to my doctor what I'd thought had happened, along with the related symptoms:
  • Sun: Sting/pain when I hit the sand playing beach volley ball. No cut or bleeding; no sign of skin puncture. Sting/pain went away; shin swelled to a scary proportion. Thought I'd hit my shin on my opposite heel.
  • Mon: Swelling reduced. No pain or discomfort. Thought it was an allergic reaction to a bee sting or insect/spider bite.
  • Tues: No change.
  • Wed: No change.
  • Thurs: Swelling barely visible.
  • Fri: Some swelling returned, bruising now visible, and brief/irregular sensations felt. Occasional 'burning' and 'tingling' felt around the swollen/bruised area.
  • Sat: More of same. Now I'm really confused. If it was an allergic reaction to a sting or bite, why did I get this big bruise? If it was a trauma that caused the bruise, why was there no pain, and what did I hit my shin on in the sand?
  • Sun: More of same. Decide to make doctor's appointment on Mon.
  • Mon: Made doctor's appointment for Tues.
After my detailed explanation of the above, the doctor examined my shin and said it could be a number of things. He said the easiest way to rule out the things it isn't was to have an x-ray. So he sent me over to the imaging center where an x-ray of my entire leg was done. (I don't know why they x-rayed my leg above the knee when the affected area was obviously on my shin.)

My doctor's office called this morning with the results of the x-ray: everything was normal. This means that there was no hairline fracture or bone chip, and there was no "foreign body" inside my leg. One possibility was that I might have fallen onto a piece of sea glass and that it might be inside my shin. But the x-ray proved ruled this out.

So now I know what it isn't. According to my doctor this means I may have had a combination of a sting/bite and a trauma to the shin. We'll never really know for sure. He said that had I applied ice to it for the first several days it likely wouldn't have bruised or swelled so much. To my surprise he said I should apply ice to it now, 10 days after the fact, so I will begin doing that.

Fortunately I do not have any pain. There are still the occasional, brief 'burning' and 'tingling' sensations but they are more in the category of 'slight discomfort' rather than pain.

This is what I get for trying to act like a butch 25 year old playing beach volley ball.

Crush du Jour: John Barrowman


Jeff said...

Well, like you say, at least now you know what it isn't! Which is good. I hope it feels better verys soon!

Stephen said...

Possible alien probe?
John Barrowman fever?

behrmark said...

It was a good thing you saw the doctor despite the non-conclusive diagnosis.

And today's crush du jour would be better titled crush du vie...crush of a lifetime. Mr. Barrowman is indeed worthy of a lifetime of adoration.

Unknown said...

Call in Torchwood, they'll fix it. If not, Captain Jack will make it all better!!

Yes, I am way too fond of Mr Barrowman. Glad all is well with the injury.

A Lewis said...

May I suggest something totally weird and off the wall?? Try soaking it in the bathtub....the powder kind, not the liquid. I know it works wonders for poison ivy/oak and other stings.

Bob said...

I know they mean well, but when doctors say "Let's find out what it isn't" I get annoyed.
They're doctors for crying out loud.
Hopefully it's just a bad bump and well disappear for good after a few days.

Joy said...

I'm glad you went to see a doctor. Follow up if there are any changes. Did they make another appointment for you?

Angel said...

"a butch 25 year old"...ahh, I love ya Mark!!!! You'll always be a butch 25 year old to ME!!!


David Dust said...

Darling, you could pull off "butch 25 year old" any day of the week.

I'm glad this wasn't something serious.


Mistress Maddie said...

Oh well, at least you are on the mend! And if your doctor looked anything like John Barrowman you will be back to normal in no time! Yummy!

cb said...

Wow- well, let's hope it's now on the mend!

Steve said...

It looked painful. Hope it at least feels a little better

tornwordo said...

Lol @david. Glad it's nothing serious. Mystery ailments are what getting old is all about you know.