Monday, July 13, 2009

Do over

My weekend was not so good. I want a weekend "do over"!!

There were a number of things that contributed to my not so good weekend. One of them was the fact that I wasn't in the mood to have company, but Spouse's mother and our friend Wendy were already scheduled to come. I really just wanted to hang out at the beach all weekend instead of entertaining people.

Another contributor was Spouse's mother's attitude. I've always known her to have a 'strong sense of self', but this weekend she was in full-on self-admiration mode. Here are some examples of what I heard from her:
  • "I hope my little doggie is doing okay. She loves me so much and she hates it when I leave her."
  • "I gave my kitty cat extra food and water before I left. She loves me so much she'll probably be looking all over the house for me."
  • "Mary called me from her vacation. She said she and the kids miss me so much and can't wait to see me again."
  • "Anna will be 17 at the end of the month and doesn't have a boyfriend. When I was her age I had dozens of boyfriends."
  • "My husband really spoiled me. He gave me everything I needed and most of what I wanted. He must have really loved me to do all that."
  • "I've been to Europe 12 times. My husband and I went everywhere."
  • "I hope you feel better from your headache that I gave you."

The weird thing is that she presents to everyone as this gentle, sweet, old lady - which she is - but she's got this other side of her that only comes out around us. I'm sure my friends who have met her in person are aghast at my comments about her. But it was really annoying hear this all weekend long.

Another contributor was that I had a headache on Sun that made me feel cranky.

I feel like my weekend was kind of hijacked, and now its Mon and I am again looking toward the upcoming weekend already. Oh well. No sense in crying over spilled milk.

Crush du Jour: Galen Gering


Beth said...

ahhhh, Luis from "Passions" How I miss that show.

MIL sounds a little full of herself...which is surprising, cuz Spouse is NOTHING like his mother!!!!

at least you survived to ahve another weekend, right? ;)


Michael said...

Did you eat any Chineeee food while Eveyln was visiting. My favorite comment is the one about the boyfriends. Did you tell her it was unladylike to have dozens of boyfriends?!!?

Steven said...

Sorry to hear about the spoiled weekend. I seem to recall other similar sentiments that you have posted about MIL in the past. You have been quite the social butterfly and host as of late that I could understand your desire to chill and hang out at the beach and "crash." Here's to a good week ahead!

Kailyn said...

Sorry about the MIL. She sounds a lot like my mother, especially the boyfriend comment.

Mark said...

I assume spouse's mom is unaware of the blog. That story reminded me of a story about my mom. We were visiting my aunt in a nursing home at Christmas and my mom was wearing a necklace of flashing Christmas lights. The very old woman that was sharing the room with my aunt looked over at my mom's flashing necklace and with a scowl said, "Show Off!" I still call her that to this day. It was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she's Italian-American isn't she.

Italian-American women are two faced like that. My grandmother is the only one I know of who treated everyone the same and didn't go on about herself. Her favorite expression was "Fuck em' all."

Bob said...

Carlos'aunt is like a mother to him--don't tell his mom, though, who is still alive and kicking--and we've had visits from her like you describe.
i find myself doing the Seinfeld Vacation Clock: you know, if you take into account sleeping and showering, it's like half a day, at most.
The last time Carlos'aunt was here I was literally counting down the minutes.

Jeff said...

Hopefully, you'll be able to do as you please next weekend! :)