Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Scanning: the results

I figured out how to crop my scanned photos and move them to 'My Pictures' on my computer. Then I uploaded a bunch of them to my Facebook page. I thought you guys might be interested in a couple of good laughs, so I'm sharing a few with you.

This photo was taken in Nov of 1981 when I was a senior in high school. Yes, that's right, over 27 years ago. Its "Vintage Mark"!!!
First, I invite you to check my version of the Farrah Fawcett hairdo for men! Yes, I had wings. Then I suggest you have a look at those giant glasses I'm wearing, that rival aeronautic goggles. Can you say "Stylin'"???

I scanned this photo which was taken in Feb of 2009. Its not funny or anything, I just scanned it because my friend Kerry sent it to me in the mail and I wanted a digital version since its one of the few photos of me that I like.
Spouse doesn't like it when we wear the same color, but it seems to happen a lot. I guess we get into the same 'color mood' at the same time.
Okay, now back to the hilarious. In this photo (I am in the bottom left) I am performing in a barbershop quartet in April 1981.
I changed costumes so fast that I didn't have time to button my cuff before going back on stage. You can see my cuff hanging open as I hold my hat out.

Here's another high school gem. I performed in a vocal jazz and show choir called "The Dominants", a play on words involving the dominant note in a chord. I'm on the right, behind the microphone.
Although its difficult to see, our costumes were made of red or blue satin. The glimmered and glistened when we moved! The girls had white satin pants and a red or blue satin tunic. The guys had white pants and shirts with red or blue satin tunics. It was very avant gard for its day!

Here we are at a competition where we won several trophies.
I am on the front row (of course), the 2nd red tunic from the right.

My high school friends have been loving all the scanned photos I uploaded, and we've been commenting about funny facial expressions and trying to remember the details of where we performed, etc. Its been really fun and has brought back some wonderful memories.

Crush du Jour: Dylan Fergus


Joel A. said...

The other kneeling barbershopper looks cute. Did you ever "accidentally" put your hand on his knee instead of your own getting into that pose?

Joy said...

What a cutie! My favorite is the one of you in the barbershop but also really like the wings! My son was in all those musical groups in high school, too - band, pep band, jazz band, choir, madrigal ensemble, etc. He really enjoyed it and I'm sure you did. You two would have been friends in school and could be now. :-)

Bob said...

Sad to say, I, too, had wings, although it was a bit more, bouffant, shall we say, and looked like a duck butt.

Or so I've been told. There is no photographic evidence of the 'do.'

Anonymous said...

Glad you figured out the crop function. Hope my suggestion helped.

And btw, damn. I don't have a lot of pix from my high school years. Just the one from my freshman year and the one from my senior year.

David Dust said...

Too SEXXAY!!!!

You and I had the exact same hairstyle in the 80's...


Steven said...

That first photo is truly vintage. But that "flower" has got to go. Is that a "ditto" you're holding? I remember the "ditto" machines we had before photocopiers, along with the smell they had on the paper.

Your best photo is the one where you decided to try being a brunette and had a five o'clock shadow. Oh wait! That's Dylan Fergus. All kidding aside, you hold your youth well. :-)

Victor said...

It is wonderful - and just a little bit scary - going through old photographs.

I was doing that with friends just the other day and was a little depressed to recall how slim I once was compared with today's, let me say, more prosperous looking build.

Stephen said...

I loved that you shared those... for such a dweeb in HS, you sure turned out handsome. I can't tell you the regretable hair styles I have had. In High School/early college I had a huge red Afro.