Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I have really enjoyed seeing the photos posted on Facebook by my old high school friends. Since I performed in a vocal jazz and show choir group, I've been 'tagged' in lots of photo scans recently. This lead me to remember the photos I have from our group's performances, trips, competitions, and parties.

So I decided to get the photos out and scan them for posting on Facebook. But I hadn't really used the scanner function of my 4-in-1 unit, so I hoped it would be simple and intuitive.

Well, the scanning part was easy. Unfortunately, the raw scans look like someone took a photo of the photo on top of the scanner. The photo sits in the corner with a bunch of blank area around it, like this:

So, I've been experimenting with the photo editing software to try and enlarge the images and crop off all the blank white area. I think I've got that part figured out, but now I'm wondering how do I 'find' these edited photos? They're not in the "My Pictures" section of my computer, which would have been intuitive. I suppose once I find them I can move them to "My Pictures" where they belong.

If anyone has any handy scanning, editing, or moving tips for me that would be great!

Crush du Jour: Johnny Castle


behrmark said...

I've had people from high school try to add me as a friend on Facebook and it confuses me because some were my tormentors. While I tend to believe "time is the greatest equalizer" it doesn't answer the question wtf they want to be "friends" now after 28 years.

Oh and your crush du jour leaves me breathless!

Anonymous said...

The former tormentors thing, I think it's just because people try to up their friend count on facebook.

I emailed the suggestion for scanning.

And todays crush, nice little six pack going on there.

Joy said...
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Joy said...

Do you reject them, Behr? I don't confirm some people as friends on there but did some and wondered why I did it.

Sometimes those tormentors mature and feel bad for how they acted, so that's possible. A gay friend "D" and I went to our first class reunion together in 1976, and one of the guys "R" greeted him with, "Hey, Squatsie" which is what they called him in high school. He never went to another reunion.

Ten years later when we had another one, R came up to me and asked about D and said he hoped he'd be there because he wanted to apologize. He said he didn't know what made him blurt that out because he liked him and had felt horrible about saying that all those years. I guess he didn't know how to get in touch with him and wonder what would have happened if he had. D smoked a joint on our way to the reunion, so that probably mellowed his reaction. R might have, too, since he looked like ZZ Top that time. Next reunion he had on a pin-striped suit, no beard, and neat haircut.

I told D what R said but don't remember now how the rest of that conversation went.

Steven said...

Not certain what may have been the problem with the scanner. I've never seen this problem before. But I am glad to discover where I left my t-shirt with Johnny. ;-)

Jeff said...

So which one is you? The 2nd blue shirt in from the right?

And Johnny's a doll!