Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Lifetime movies save time

Spouse is a therapist and social worker. He was licensed in VA where we used to live, and in order to accept his new job in DE (almost 3 years ago), he had to get licensed in DE.

Some states allow you to simply show your out-of-state license in order to get licensed in the new state, with the understanding that if you passed the test in the other state, you're fine. But DE required him to show his out-of-state license AND take a little test.

Part of the test required him to read a real-life scenario and then be able to provide the correct personality diagnosis. The real-life scenario was about
Betty Broderick who shot and killed her sleeping ex-husband Dan and his much younger 2nd wife in 1989.

Most people would have had to read through the lengthy description of the people, situation, and circumstances in order to provide the correct diagnosis, but not Spouse. He provided the correct diagnosis without taking the time to read the lengthy scenario at all. How could he do this?

Because of watching Lifetime, TV for Women (and gay men).

You see, years ago Spouse & I had watched the dramatic TV movie "
A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story" on Lifetime.

We were particularly amused when Betty (played by Meredith Baxter) ran her Chevy Suburban right into the living room of her ex-husband's house. Really, how can you ask for more entertainment than that? And it was a true story!

In fact, the film was so inspirational to Spouse that occasionally he will threaten me by warning: "Don't make me run the Suburban into the living room!" and then we both laugh. We even owed a Suburban for 4 years.

But back to my story.

So Spouse was able to save the time it would have taken him to read the lengthy scenario about Betty Broderick due to having watched the thrilling and dramatic movie about her on Lifetime. So, Lifetime movies save time.

Have you ever noticed that nearly every Lifetime movie stars Meredith Baxter, Jacklyn Smith, Valerie Bertinelli, or Melissa Sue Gilbert?

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Michael Rivers said...

That lifetime movie is one of my favorites!! Everytime it's on, I get sucked in. No matter how much has gone by, I have to finish it! Ah . . . the things we learned from Betty!

Larry Ohio said...

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but my husband and I have been known to watch Lifetime movies, a lot. It's our dirty little secret.

I always feel the need to counteract its effects by watching some mixed martial arts cage fighting.

Steve said...

Chick flicks are my fav but I don't think I saw this one....hmmm

Bob said...

I sense a new ad campaign for Lifetime:
When Cliff Notes Aren't Enough, There's Always Lifetime.

Joy said...

What is her diagnosis?

D@vid said...

Excellent!!! See, there is purpose to a lazy day watching Lifetime (for women and gay men, only)