Monday, July 20, 2009

Staycation ends

Well, today is the 4th and final day of our staycation. Spouse & I took off last Fri and today. We went to the beach on Fri, and although it was overcast the entire time, we still had fun. We sat with our friend Bob, who is retired, and Steven, who also had the day off like us. Later we had dinner with the usual suspects.

Sat we slept in, had a relaxing morning on the screened porch, made a run over to Home Depot, had lunch on the screened porch, and just relaxed at home. Later we met up with our movie friends for our monthly movie night. The film: "Partners", circa 1982, starring Ryan O'Neill and William Hurt. The film did not age well, and seemed much campier than it was intended, I'm sure.

Sun we had breakfast on the porch again, did some housecleaning, then went to the beach. We arrived the same time as some friends who invited us to set up camp with them. It was absolutely spectacular weather: sunny, 80 degrees, low humidity, and a constant light breeze. I laid in the sun, swam in the ocean, and joined some new friends in some games of volleyball on the beach.
During the 1st game I lunged to try to hit the ball and somehow hit my shin. It stung right away, but as I wiped away the sand there was not cut or blood. I have no idea what I hit my shin on, but as the games progressed I began to notice a large section of my shin swelling up. By the time we finished, I had a huge ball on my shin. It looked like a I had a kneecap on my shin! But it didn't hurt; it looked much worse than it felt. Spouse was very concerned and strongly urged me to go to the hospital and have my shin examined. Convinced I'd spend the entire night sitting in the waiting room, filling out forms, only to find I didn't have the most recent copy of my insurance form, I told him I did not want to go. I said "It doesn't hurt, so let's just see how it looks in the morning." We had a fantastic day on the beach!

After showering we drove out to one of our favorite restaurants which sits on the banks of the Indian River and had an early birthday dinner. Spouse had lasagna and meatballs and I had pasta with wild mushrooms and cream sauce as we looked through the glass wall of the restaurant at the setting sun. The food was delicious, the scenery was beautiful, and our favorite gay waiter was really 'on'. It was just about perfect.

Then we drove into Rehoboth Beach to Annie's Bananies, a new spot that just opened that makes organic frozen banana treats. They grind the frozen bananas and add a little cream (I think) and toppings to suit your taste. They were DELICIOUS, and much lower calorie than ice cream.
Today when I got up, the swelling in my shin had gone down significantly. I was quite relieved, but Spouse still thought I should go to the doctor. I told him I'd feel ridiculous going, now that the swelling was almost gone. I assured him it was just a bad bruise. It hasn't turned colors yet, but I'm sure it will.

Since today is Spouse's birthday I told him we could do whatever he wanted. So we did a little shopping, had lunch out, went for a ride (in the convertible), then returned home. He's doing one of his favorite things now: taking a nap. In a little while we're both going to the gym. Only upper body for me, thank you. Its a low-key birthday, but that's what he wanted, so that's what he's getting.

Crush du Jour: Dylan Bruce


Anonymous said...

You just had to say the word nap didn't you.

We had a good weekend here too. Hit the beach both Saturday and Sunday. I'm a little browner. This time I did smart though, I can tolerate about 40 minutes in direct sunlight before I start to burn so I played it smart. Got some great pix and video though.

There is a clear difference though. The day before was a late late afternoon blast to the beach (5PM). It's fantastic, nobody is there.

Yesterday it was an earlier arrival. Traffic and all.

mistress maddie said...

Spouse loves himself a good nap doesn't he? LOL! Please give him a big hug and kiss from the Mistress and wish him a Happy Birthday from me! And I'm glad you are doing better too. That sounds painful! That's why the Mistress doesn't play to many butch sports! Why, I could break a nail!

Howard said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend, and the birthday celebration was just what the spouse ordered! Give him my best.

Beth said...

Happy Birthday Spouse!!! I know you'll be "taking of him" later, right?



Bob said...

A birthday nap is a great gift!
Love it.
And sounds like a nice homo domesticus weekend, with a few side trips thrown in.
Hope that thrid kneecap heals quickly!

Stephen said...

Tell the spouse that we are toasting him tonight in Portland Oregon (90 & sunnny).

Java said...

Happy birthday to Spouse!

Jeff said...

Hope your shin is now completely better and that Joe had a great day - certainly sounds like it - aside from your shin incident! :)

Joy said...

Happy Birthday to Joe! It sounds comfortable and romantic. Weird about your shin.

Steven said...

I hope your shin is recuperating nicely and looking like it should!