Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Theory change

In yesterday's post I mentioned injuring my shin from a fall during a beach volley ball game. It all seemed very strange, since there was nothing hard or solid in the sand to have caused the injury. I thought maybe I'd hit my shin on my opposite foot. I really wasn't sure what happened, I just knew that after hitting the sand I felt a stinging sensation but found not cut or puncture of the skin.

Within 30 minutes my shin swelled so much that it looked like I had a knee on my shin. The next day the swelling had gone down significantly. I didn't have any pain.

So, last evening when I was at my appointment with my personal trainer I explained what had happened and that I did not want to do any leg work; just upper body due to the injury. That's when he said "It sounds like an allergic reaction to a bite or sting."

I thought about it for a minute and began to think he was right. Now, I don't remember getting bitten or stung, but I don't remember anything injuring my shin, either. The swelling is consistent with a bite, as is the reduction in swelling the next day. Also, a blunt trauma to my shin should have resulted in pain and a bruise by now, but there was no pain and no bruise.

So, now I believe that I was either bitten by a bug/spider/crab or stung by a bee when I dove for the volley ball and hit the sand. This certainly makes more sense and is more consistent with my symptoms.

There is still a little bit of swelling in my shin as well as some sensitivity to touch, but it is not serious enough to warrant going to the doctor at this point.

Crush du Jour: Jaime Rosario


Anonymous said...

I meant to comment yesterday. I had a feeling it might be an insect bite.

Java said...

I now have a crush on Jaime Rosario, too. Hubba-hubba!

The bug bite/sting makes a lot of sense, especially since there isn't any bruising or pain in the bone, per se.

cb said...

After reading your account yesterday, yeah something bit you. What though, is another question entirely.

Will said...

Wow--SOMEBODY'S certainly showing off--in a good way, of course. He's certainly got it to show!

Good job that the swelling's down. Take care and thanks for the lovely comment on my last post.

Joy said...

A bite makes sense. I'm glad the reaction wasn't worse and that you're doing better.

Stephen said...

I hope you are doing better... it is one of those rare times that I am wishing that the SWELLING GOES DOWN!

Steven said...

LOL at Stephen's comment above...not to make fun of the injury, just hope you feel better soon. :-)