Saturday, July 11, 2009

Addition update - week 4

Week 4

It was a busy week for the construction crew! They worked on our addition all 5 days this week, and there was a lot of visible progress.

Mon: The 2nd story siding was removed and the back knee wall and front dormer were framed. From the side:Front/side:

Tue: The 2nd story roof rafters were installed. From the side:
Wed: The 2nd story side wall (with diamond window opening) was framed, and more lumber was delivered. From the side:
Thurs: The peaked roof over the dormer was framed and rafters installed. From the side:
Fri: The plywood was attached to the 2nd story side wall (with the diamon window opening). Front/side:
The green decorative rafter tails (salvaged from the porch that was removed) were reattached on the rear. From the side:

Crush du Jour: Trevor Neubaur


Bob said...

Lots of progress.
So......................are the construction guys hot?


Joy said...

Wow! They did really well this week! What's a knee wall? The house is becoming more and more pointy. I believe that's the technical term for that.

Joy said...

How long have you had that Follow thing on here and why am I just now noticing it? New or another Bernice moment?

Stephen said...

I can't believe how MAJOR this project of yours is!

Anonymous said...

Wow, they're making good progress on it. BTW, if you really want to get jealous check this out. It's my friend Mike's sun room add-on.

He built it all by himself. He's becoming a regular Norm Abrams.

J@v@JuNKo said...

wow what a massive house! so beautiful! we need some hot construction guy pics if there is!! Its cool to see the progress in photos!

cc said...

WOW! I don't know why it didn't register with me that you guys were doing a 2 storey bumpout. What's going to be above the garage?


Beth said...

dang, that is coming along really fast! and I LOVE the diamond window!

Steven said...

I was hoping to see a photo taken of you hammering the last nail of one of the plywood walls. Or at least you looking out the diamond opening for the window. ;-)

They are progressing nicely. How's the response been from the neighbors?

Will said...

Good pictures of something that's really well put together.

Then a picture of something that's spectacularly put together!

I love this blog!

Mark said...

All these pictures contain something built.

Jeff said...

Lots of progress! But I too want to know if the builders are hot?!! :)

Bugsy said...

Wow! Trevor is hot. Oh, and that's a lot of progress on the expansion!

Java said...

How exciting! I've been avoiding the blogs all week, and I missed this last Saturday. I love checking on the progress! Love the diamond window! The dormer is nifty. Roof rafters rock! And now I only have to wait two more days for the next update. :)