Saturday, July 25, 2009

Addition update - week 6

Week 6
This week started kind of slow, but ended with a big visual bang! Here's how it went:

Mon: One of the guys (Chris) wasn't able to come due to a court hearing, and another one of the guys (Junior) was only here 1/2 the day due to a doctor's appointment. That left just one guy (Jay) and he left early. So the only thing that got done was the priming and painting of more bead board.

Tues: The remaining decorative rafter tails were installed on the sides of the dormer, and the application of the bead board was started (left side, below). From the front:
Wed: The decorative rafters will added, the bead board application was finished, and the roof sheathing was completed on the dormer. From the front:
Thurs: Aluminum drip caps, roof paper, flashing, and shingles were added to complete the roof. From the back and side:
From the front and side:
From the front:
Fri: The 3 exterior windows (from the powder room and 2 stairways) were removed, then relocated onto the back and side of the garage. The new diamond-shaped window was installed, and the walls were covered with Tyvek house wrap. From the back and side:
The 3 new windows were installed in the dormer. Its really taking shape now and you can get a better idea of what the finished product will look like. From the side and front:
Inside, the powder room window opening was boarded up temporarily. It will eventually be drywalled over.
The window at the foot of the lower staircase was boarded up temporarily. It will eventually be opened into a doorway into the garage.
The window at the foot of the upper staircase was boarded up temporarily. It will eventually be drywalled over.
So despite a rather slow start to the week, there is a big difference in the way it looks now.
Next week they are expecting the garage floor will be poured. Up until Fri, all work had been done outside, but next week work will move inside too. The opening will be cut into the existing bathroom wall to allow the workers access into the new bathroom space and new closet space. So Spouse I will move our bathroom stuff out of this bathroom and stop using it Sun evening. And since access to this bathroom is via our bedroom, we are also moving out of our bedroom into one of the guest rooms as of Sun evening, too.

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Larry Ohio said...

It's really fun watching your addition take shape. Thanks for keeping a photolog.

Howard said...

Bless your hearts for living with that going on. I would think I would be crazy by the third day.

A Lewis said...

Have you picked out your gayest of pretty colors yet??/

Bob said...

It looks like the House Of The Seven Gables!

Anonymous said...

Looks good so far. Be nice when it's all completed.

BTW, the crush pic today, if all the atoms in that loin cloth would just simultaneously shift about eight inches to the right I'd love it.

tornwordo said...

So cool. At the end you should put all the photos together into one of those one minute videos that goes from start to finish.

Java said...

Way cool. The addition of the shingles makes a huge difference to begin with, but with the Tyvek on it, it looks even closer to finished.

I hope they get your bathroom finished and in usable condition pretty quickly. These guys seem to work pretty fast and consistently. A lot of times in this area the crew will get started on a project like this, then not show up for a week or three.

Joy said...

Lots of progress! It's looking so good. I look forward to seeing the weekly posts.

Beth said...

it is really coming along!!! I love all the different roof peaks...

Steven said...

So glad that things are progressing nicely and that the addition is taking shape.

Just what kind of court hearing was Chris attending Monday? Hopefully just for a speeding ticket. ;-)

CJ/Rick said...

It looks as though everything is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see the final results. I know you will be glad to have a garage.