Tuesday, July 28, 2009


When Kerry & Hugh were here over the weekend Kerry told me something that made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

Recently Kerry & Hugh helped their friend/neighbor Dee Dee host a 60th birthday party for her husband Mickey. Kerry & Hugh's job was to set up and man the margarita and daiquiri table.

Kerry feels like me that cocktails should always be served in the correct glass. I mean, when they make a specific glass for a specific drink (ie: margarita glass for margaritas) it is maddening to see people serve the drink in the wrong glass. Martinis in martini glasses; wine in wine glasses, beer in pilsners, etc. Its just the way it should be done to preserve what little elegance is left in this world.

So Kerry ran all of her margarita glasses and daiquiri glasses through the rinse cycle and set them up on the table for the party. When folks came to the table for cocktails, she would use the correct glass for the cocktail, and all was right in the world, until...

A male party guest came to the cocktail table with a red Solo cup, from which he had been drinking water. He handed the cup to Kerry and indicated he would like a margarita. Kerry said "Okay, but let me pour you one in a margarita glass" which was, of course, the correct response.

The party guest replied "Oh that's okay, you can just put it in this cup." Kerry paused for a second and then said "I'm sorry, but I can't do that. Although he's not here to see it, my friend Mark would not be pleased if he knew I served you a margarita in a plastic Solo cup."

The party guest looked surprised for a moment and then replied "Well, they DO make a special glass for margaritas..." Kerry smiled in agreement and handed him the margarita glass.

A little later a similar incident occurred with a female party guest wielding a wine glass, requesting a strawberry daiquiri. Again, Kerry kindly informed her that she didn't know WHAT would happen if her friend Mark found out she'd served a daiquiri in a wine glass. Smiles and giggles followed, and the woman left the table with a daiquiri in a daiquiri glass.

When they were about to run out of glasses, Kerry & Hugh went around the room picking up empties to quickly wash and restock the cocktail table. They overheard some guests laughing and saying "I don't who this Mark person is, but he's sure got those bar people trained." In fact, other party guests came to the bar table and teased Kerry & Hugh by asking "Is Mark around? I don't want you to get in trouble or anything, but could I get a margarita IN A MARTINI GLASS PLEASE????"

Kerry told me it became the running joke throughout the party, which of course tickled me beyond measure. Maybe I'm a little conceited, but I actually liked the fact that everyone was talking about this 'Mark person' and his desire for everyone to maintain cocktail elegance.

Crush du Jour: Jessie Godderz


Larry Ohio said...

"Its just the way it should be done to preserve what little elegance is left in this world."


Mark said...

Is that Big Brother Jessie? Watch him on BB for 5 minutes and your crush du jour will vanish :)

Steven said...

I think the male party guest who came with the Solo cup just wanted a lot more margaritas to drink without having to ask for so many refills. ;-)

Do you also have different wine glasses for red wine (more bowl-like) and white wine? :-)

mistress maddie said...

I agree completely with you on this. That said, back in the day at our parties,David and the Mistress's friend had such huge parties he had no choice but to use the handy solo cups! Otherwise he might not have had any glassware left!

CJ/Rick said...

Mark you do have a reputation. I would however, drink anything served in anything if Mr. Godderz was bartending.

wcs said...

Cocktail elegance is très important. Hooray!

Word verif: fruncept. I don't know what it means, but I like it.

RAD said...

Wow-- picky picky..but very understanding....I promise to use glassware when you come to Seattle! You classy bitch! :-)

Jessie is such a MEAT head but he is such a cute meathead huh? Love the pic!!

Jeff said...

LOL I'm with you, though at home we never serve margaritas or martinis. We're plain old beer, red wine, white wine, G & T, mojito, and rum and coke kinda folks! :)

And I'm with Rad! Jessie is a total meathead, but a hot one! I just posted some pics of him (and Russell) myself! :)

Java said...

Oh, Mark, you are so right! I'm not picky about too many things, but I understand your point of view. I feel the same way about china. Cups with saucers must be accompanied by their saucers. Saucers are to be used with their cups, and NOT as dessert plates!

I, too, would be extremely pleased if everyone was talking about me because of my correct use of cups and saucers. Congratulations!