Thursday, July 16, 2009

Its International Drag Day!

That's right - today is International Drag Day!!
Let it be a chance to celebrate one of the most iconic areas a gay culture and life!
So why not celebrate by 'dragging' yourself up, or by going to support local drag acts in your community.
I'm taking today as an opportunity to pay tribute to some of my favorite drag performers below, in no particular order.


Michael Rivers said...

Happy International Drag Day! I didn't know there was such a day. Your picks for some favorite performers are great!

Bob said...

I love your favorites, too.
Charles Pierce was fantastic.
And not get me started on that fabulousness.

mistress maddie said...

Hey honey! Happy Drag Day to you too! I so wanted to do a post on this, but I have a TON of blog catching up to do with just getting back Wednesday from vacation. Very nice choices.

Mark said...

I already have tickets to see Christopher Peterson when we're down to the beach this summer. I can't wait!