Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter Getaway

For several years now we've gone on a vacation in Jan or Feb.  Its great to escape the cold at home by going somewhere warm and tropical.  Also, since I'm a real estate agent in a summer resort area, its not practical for me to take a vacation in the summertime when most people do.  I'm too busy at work then, so a winter getaway is perfect for us.

In past years we've gone on 2 cruises (both to islands in the Caribbean) and twice we've gone to Puerto Vallarta, which I love so much.  This year it was a toss up between returning to Puerto Vallarta or trying something new by going to Palm Springs, CA.

We decided on Palm Springs, and our good friends the Newlyweds (who live in Portland< OR) will meet us there.  We've been intrigued for years by Palm Springs mostly because of its mid-century modern aesthetic. Several noted mid-century modern architects designed homes in Palm Springs in the late 50s and early 60s like David Wexler, Bill Cody, and Richard Neutra.  
William Krisel is credited with designing the iconic butterfly roof homes (above) built all over Palm Springs.  Their roof lines were likened to a butterfly in flight.

Palm Springs was called the "playground of the stars".  Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Jack Benny, George Hamilton, Rock Hudson, and Dinah Shore all owned homes there.

More recently lovers of architecture and home furnishings have embraced the unique look of mid-century modern which is on full display during the Modernism Week celebration.  We'll be there during Modernism Week and look forward to enjoying some of the tours and activities.

And since we'll need a car to get from the airport and get around town, I've reserved a convertible.  I mean, when you're staying in a city that looks so cool, why not contribute to the coolness by slipping around town topless!

We've rented a mid-century home with a pool, hot tub and firepit so when we're not touring the town or soaking up the local culture, we'll be soaking up some sun and catching up with our old friends poolside.  While it won't be as warm as Puerto Vallarta, the pool is heated so there's that.

As an added bonus, we have 3 friends/couples who live in the Palm Springs suburbs so we'll likely get an opportunity to see them while we're in town.

It should be a great trip, both because of our interest in Palm Springs and Modernism Week, and because of spending time with our friends.

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anne marie in philly said...

did you know larry & tim and spo & someone will be in palm springs next month? I believe they are staying at inndulge. perhaps all y'all can do a meetup!