Monday, January 29, 2018

DC Auto Show

Yesterday Spouse & I went to the Washington Auto Show with our friends Rick & Nick.  All things considered we had a good time and enjoyed seeing all the new models.

Well, most of the new models.  I say 'most' because Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, and Porche were did not attend or have models to see, which was disappointing.

Rolls Royce was there with this stunning car:
 Bentley had several models, including their new SUV (on the right):
We were also disappointed by the fact that only 1 auto manufacturer had a concept vehicle on display:
It used to be that many manufacturers showed their concept vehicles, influences of which often found their way into watered-down models several years later.  Not this year.

One of the most impressive displays was from Land Rover. 
Sure, their convertible SUV Evoque above is cool, but it was their off-road track experience was awesome.  They had a track with dirt hills where experienced drivers took passengers for a ride, often on 2 or 3 wheels, to demonstrate the engineering.  It was really cool.

So while the show had some disappointments, the 4 of us had a good time and were glad to have gone.

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