Wednesday, January 03, 2018


I received a music CD as a gift. But trying to open the packaging raised several pertinent questions:
  • Why are the CD cases hermetically sealed, as if the disc might get stale if exposed to air? I mean, seriously, it took me nearly 15 minutes to get the clingy plastic wrap off the darned CD box. Personally I wouldn't mind if my CD wasn't as moist or chewy.
  • And why, after removing the plastic wrapper, is there yet another thicker, sticky seal on the case? I mean, I’ve gotten medicine bottles with childproof caps open in less time and with more ease!  I've gotten a date out of his clothes in less time... oh wait; nevermind. 
  • Why should I need scissors, a steak knife, a box cutter, and the jaws of life to open a CD case??  Its ridiculous!
In discussing this dilemma with a cop/friend of mine it was suggested that its all to prevent theft.  

Imagine a shoplifter wanting to steal a CD in a store. The case won't fit in a pocket, and if it could it would likely be visible due to its sharp corners. Then you've got the RFID thing buried somewhere in the case, so you'd have to somehow avoid that scanner.  So the only way to steal the disc is to remove it from the case.  Hence the need for the jaws of life to liberate that CD, but who's going to be silly enough to try that in a store?

While I understand downloading music to one's phone is the latest trend, its not the best option in some situations.  If you want to listen to music while doing something active (loading the dishwasher, undecorating your Christmas tree, etc) you have to have your phone on your person with earbuds that can get caught on your hands/arms or other things. In that scenario its easier to put a CD on your CD player.

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