Friday, January 12, 2018

Crazy weather

It was literally 1 week ago today that schools were closed, the State government (where Spouse works) was closed, and my real estate company was closed, because of a winter storm that blanketed the area in snow.  Temperatures were in the single digits and low teens, which is highly unusual for us.

Yet yesterday, it was practically a different world!
But I ain't complainin'!!

As you can imagine, there was a whole lot of melting going on yesterday.  But it was great to be out and about and not even need a coat or jacket.  I saw several people wearing shorts and even saw someone driving their convertible with the top down!

Today its not quite as warm, but still in the low 60s with intermittent showers.  You can best believe there's a whole lotta meltin' goin' on!

1 comment:

anne marie in philly said...

our 6" melted too.
but now it's cold again.
poo! :(