Friday, March 28, 2014

Pain in the neck


For the last few days I've had a pain in the muscle that goes from my neck to my left shoulder.  I don't remember lifting anything heavy or otherwise injuring my neck.  I don't think I 'slept on it funny' because that usually goes away in a day.  So I really have no idea what's causing this pain in my neck and shoulder.

So yesterday I got a massage, hoping the talented hands of Deiter could give me an answer AND some relief.  Overall the massage was nice and felt good, but Deiter wasn't able to tell me much about the source of the pain.  He said both of shoulders and neck were very tight, although the pain was only going to 1 of my shoulders.  He gave me some stretching exercises to do and suggested that I work on my posture.  I do recognize that I tend to pull my shoulders forward and lean my head forward, probably from so many years of sitting at a desk working at a computer.

So hopefully yesterday's massage will help.  So far I'd have to say it hasn't.


anne marie in philly said...

you're 50 now. arthritis may be creeping in. this is why I started going to the gym (back and knee pain).

today, after almost 3 years, the back and knees are much better (not always pain-free, but greatly diminished) and I find I enjoy the exercise.

getting "old" ain't for sissies, honey! YOU CAN DO IT! smooches!

Unknown said...

I hope your neck is feeling better now. I'm glad getting a massage provided you some sort of relief. There are lots of factors that could've caused the pain in your neck. Just like what Deiter said, one of the things that could highly be causing that is your posture. A few of my friends who work in front of computers all day tend to have the same problem. Anyway, I hope the issue has already been solved. Take care! :)