Monday, March 17, 2014

Another snow day

It began snowing last night around 8pm.  Lightly at first, then heavier just before we went to bed.

The forecast is for measurable snow.  Just like last time, the accumulations differ widely, depending on which source you check.  When I went outside to clear off my car and shovel a clear path from the house to my car around 4pm, it seemed the snow had all but stopped.  It looked like about 7" to me, but its difficult to tell since the wind always causes drifting here.

Except in front of my driveway.  You see, the snow plow came along and plowed a 2-foot snow bank in front of my driveway!

I know, he has to push the snow somewhere, right?  I just find it ironic that he pushed the snow toward the left side of the street, where me and my full-time neighbors all live.  On the right side of the street there are only 2 houses, neither of which are occupied except on occasional weekends.  So the driveways WITH cars in them got blocked by the snow bank, while the EMPTY driveways continue to have easy access onto the street.

Shortly after I came back inside, the snow picked back up again.  Now, 24 hours after the snow started, it seems to be winding down again.

Schools were closed today.

The state government was closed today, which meant that Spouse got the day off.

Many local businesses including my real estate office were closed so I got a 'snow day' too.


anne marie in philly said...

lucky you! we got 1 inch (of snow), and it already melted. glad we left the gathering on sunday instead of monday, as we had planned!

we all missed your pretty faces at the saturday evening banquet. :(

Anonymous said...

Interesting - here in RI we haven't seen any snow of any appreciable measure since the beginning of March. We might get an inch or so and it's all gone the next day.

The temperatures are still abominable though they are at least now solidly in the 40's and 50's. So glad that polar bullshit has seemed to be gone.