Friday, February 28, 2014

Asshole behavior, part 2

A couple years ago I shared the discovery of 5 open jars of peanut butter in our kitchen, which lead to a laughter-inducing conversation about "asshole behavior".  

You know, people who use the last of the toilet paper or paper towels but don't replace the role?  Yeah, that's asshole behavior.  Well I think its time to add some additional examples:

  • not pushing your chair or stool in when you get up from the table or breakfast bar
  • tossing trash in the direction of the trash can but not picking it up when you miss
  • never, EVER opening mail addressed to you, but then getting upset when you miss a deadline
  • opening a new deodorant/tube of toothpaste/bottle of shampoo when there is still some in the existing container
  • leaving the car's gas gauge on empty when you know someone else will drive it the next day
  • not using air freshener after you've used the bathroom
  • trying on an item of clothing, deciding it doesn't fit right, and then tossing it into the dirty clothes hamper rather than hanging it up (which is why I only wash my own clothes now)
  • waiting until company has arrived and is ready to go to bed to ask "Are there clean sheets on the guest room beds?"
When Spouse exhibits asshole behavior from time to time I will call him on it.  He looks as me with a quizzical face as if he doesn't understand, so I explain to him what he's done.  In detail.


MAC said...

Add "throwing your dirty clothes on the floor instead of in the hamper" to your list. ;-)

anne marie in philly said...

rut row, trouble in paradise...

Soul Yaoi said...

Aww I miss having a spouse. :)