Wednesday, February 05, 2014


I am a 'briefs' kind of guy.

I grew up wearing Fruit of the Loom or Hanes white cotton briefs, and always found them to be comfortable.

In the mid-80s I experimented with bikini briefs because that's what was in style then.
But I felt a constant urge to pull them up all the time, and the ones I got were some kind of blend of manmade fibers so they weren't as comfortable as cotton.  So I went back to my traditional white cotton briefs.

Then in the mid-90s I experimented with boxers because that's what was in style then.

But that experiment was even shorter-lived.  The loose legs got bunched up under the legs of my jeans/pants, and I really didn't like the lack of support.  My loose junk jiggled around so much that I was constantly aware of it, and I do NOT need to be constantly thinking about my junk.  So I returned to the comfort and support of briefs.

The next underwear fad to come along was the boxer brief.  I didn't bother experimenting with boxer briefs because I assumed they would bunch up under my jeans/pants, and I would once again return to my old standby.  Besides, nobody sees my underwear but me and Spouse so why I should I try something new?  It would be different if I were single and wanted to 'impress' guys with my cute, in-style undies.

But recently I made a little shopping snafu at Marshalls.  While intending to by these comfortable, supportive, cotton briefs:
I accidentally purchased these cotton boxer briefs:

Since stores do not accept underwear returns, I decided to go ahead and give the boxer briefs a try.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they weren't half bad.  They gave me sufficient support and the light elastic in the legs prevented them from bunching up.  While I still prefer briefs, these boxer briefs are the next best thing.

So what about you?  Briefs?  Boxers?  Or boxer briefs? 


anne marie in philly said...

"I do NOT need to be constantly thinking about my junk." - heh heh heh

how about commando? I have an advantage over youse guys - no visable junk! ;-b

MAC said...

I posted about this on my blog as well. I've always bought my underwear at Target or Wal-Mart. Usually the cotton, bikini style. Last year, Hubby surprised me with some Andrew Christian underwear and I love them. They have what they call "support pouches" for your junk. It provides a nice pocket, and it pushes it up and out. They're a bit expensive, but well worth it. I think my junk deserves it! ;-)

Bob said...

Though I started out as a tighty-whitey briefs lad, I am now--and have been for years--a boxer briefs kinda gay.

And I have been known to go commando at times.

Travel said...

By stepping outside of our comfort zones, we discover new comforts.