Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentines Day flowers

Since my Spouse loves flowers and I love making my Spouse happy, I will occasionally send him cut flowers to his office.  (I send them to his office so his colleagues see that gay people send/receive flowers just like straight people do.)  He knows by now to expect them on his birthday, Valentines Day, and our anniversary.  Sometimes I'll send them on some other random day, just to catch him by surprise.  So since Fri was Valentines Day, this is what showed up at his office:

What??  No red roses on Valentines Day?? you may be asking?  That's correct.  Red roses tend to be very pricey on Valentines Day, and cost aside, Spouse feels that red roses on Valentines Day is too typical and expected.  Which is fine by me because he brings the flowers home for us both to enjoy and I prefer a mixed bouquet over a dozen of the same thing.

And for the record, this bouquet contains pale pink and mauve miniature roses so technically he did get roses on Valentines Day.

That night we had a lovely dinner at JD's Cafe.  I had lobster and shrimp Thai curry and Spouse had fried scallops.  Our friend Donald is the maitre' d and had a complimentary dessert sent to our table, which was very nice of him.  After more than 17 years together we no longer give each other Valentines Day gifts.  Enjoying dessert and decaf coffee together on Valentines day was gift enough.


Anonymous said...

I used to bring home flowers every Friday (Friday Flowers) but he was retired/worked from home so no opps to make his co-workers green with envy at how lucky he was.

anne marie in philly said...

you two are just SO cute!

c ya in 4 weeks!

MAC said...

Who doesn't love to receive flowers... beautiful bouquet.

Ur-spo said...

how lovely

Brettcajun said...

Lucky man. :)