Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend highlights

I worked until 5pm on Sat, then Spouse & I drove to VA. We had a late dinner and visited with the family.

On Sun Spouse & I picked up our friend Michael of the Newlyweds at his hotel in DC. We hadn't seen him in nearly 2 years. We drove to the Dupont Circle neighborhood (a favorite amongst the gays) and had breakfast at Trios, a place Spouse and his friend/former roommate Justine used to frequent. We all had ommelettes. Then we walked around the neighborhood and remembered the exciting days of our singleness when we would hang out there to see and be seen. Not much had changed there despite the fact that we hadn't been to that area in several years. Next we drove around the neighborhoods in VA where Spouse & I had lived, where our investment condos are, and where Michael had lived. More change and gentrification there, as we had expected. Next we took advantage of being 'in the neighborhood' and had lunch at the beloved Taco House. Its current name is Cantina Mexicana but it will always be Taco House to us. As always the food was delicious and it was very nice to see our friends and restaurant owners Juan & Gloria.

We had a great time visiting and catching up with Michael. He seemed well; happy and content. After returning to Spouse's mom's house to pick up our overnight bag and Jordan the dog, we headed for home at 4:30.

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