Monday, August 01, 2011

Weekend highlights

My blogger friend Anne Marie arrived about 5:30, bearing gifts of wine and chocolate creams. She and Spouse & I visited for a while, then went to dinner at Saketumi with Steven and Joe P. (Thad was in PA visiting his mom.) After dinner we rushed into town because I was afraid I was going to be late for my guest performance as the 2011 Rehoboth Idol in the Blue Moon Divas show. Spouse dropped off me and Anne Marie and then found a parking space. I and sang "Sweet Caroline" in the 1960s themed show. Steven & Joe P joined Spouse and Anne Marie for the show. It was Anne Marie's 1st time in a gay bar and her 1st time seeing drag queens in person. I didn't know this until we were driving home. We definitely widened her horizons that night!

Sat I went to work, as usual. My couple from CT returned and brought me a shopping bag full of food! They own a Polish deli in Brooklyn and brought me wonderful candy, pierogies, blintz, chocolate, and 4 huge kielbasi. That was so nice of them! Then I showed them a boatload of homes they'd selected off the internet. That evening Spouse & I went to Jason's birthday BBQ at 5:00 and then went to Diane's birthday dinner at a Japanese hibachi place at 7:30. Anne Marie decided to pass on the birthday festivities (eventhough she was welcomed at both) in favor of exploring downtown Rehoboth Beach and the boardwalk.

Sun I had hoped to be off work to spend a little time with Anne Marie (and because I haven't had a day off in over a week) but my clients from CT wanted to see a house we'd missed the day before, as well as a 2nd look at their top 2 favorites. So I bid Anne Marie goodbye and headed into the office. As it turned out, my folks wrote an offer on 1 of the houses! That evening Steven & Thad, Joe P, and Bryan came over for dinner. Spouse made meatloaf, cheesy scalloped potatoes, a mixed bean dish, and Coca Cola cake, all of which were delicious. After dinner we sat around and visited. It was a great way to conclude the weekend.


Unknown said...

YAY Anne Marie!!! Isn't she a hoot!! and she is looking all tan in the pic too!! How many shots did yall do?? hehehe

DeepBlue said...

Coca Cola cake?????


OMG! Where have I been all these years. I didn't know there were so many recepies using Coca Cola!!!

Now I must sound like I'm comming from another planet! :D

anne marie in philly said...

kelly, I swear (smooches)! the restaurant lighting was bad and I was on my second chocolate martini, so I am looking flushed, not tan. I also had a bowl of coconut ice cream in front of me...

mark and his spouse (and jordan, the doggie) made me feel so welcome in their beautiful home. I have not slept that well in a long time. and I got to touch and admire big ella (their 1950s cadillac); solid!

steven and joe p. are sweet and funny people; thanks for meeting up with this philly girl!

yes, the boyz "popped my cherry" when it came to gay (male) bars and drag shows. I liked it! but I didn't see anything I wanted to take home with me (sighs)...

and no, I don't want to go to "the frog pond" next time! (gay female bar)

smooches and hugs and love to all y'all in delaware for a fun weekend! let's do it again sometime!