Monday, August 08, 2011

Weekend highlights

On Fri Ron & James arrived at about 12:30. Spouse took the day off work and I wasn't on phone duty so the 4 of us went to lunch together, then I headed back to work. Mike & Clark arrived at about 4:30, just after I got home from work. We enjoyed cocktails on the screened porch as we began to catch up on the goings-on in each others lives.
Pictured above are Mike & Spouse.
Pictured above are me, Ron, and Clark. (Please note that my flip flops match my shirt.)

That evening the 6 of us had dinne
r at Saketumi, which was fabulous as always.

Once back at the house we decided to go for an after dinner walk and wound up making a stop at Dairy Queen. A Peanut Buster Parfait was calling my name!

Sat morning we all had coffee on the porch and chatted a bit. Then we walked over to JD's Filling Station for breakfast, and I headed off to a property showing appointment and then to sit at an open house. Spouse and the guys went to the farmers market and browsed some of the antique shops and boutiques downtown, then headed back to the house for naps and reading. I got home at 3:45 and we visited on the porch for a while. That evening we had dinner at Hobos and then went to the Legends show at the Blue Moon. Coincidentally I was performing as Neil Diamond that evening so Ron & James and Mike & Clark got to witness my celebrity impersonation. Jack and Joe P were there and Joe P took this video:

After the show I ran into my friends Marty & John and Deb & Greer who stopped in to see the show. The audience was great and very receptive to the show. Afterwards the 6 of us walked to the boardwalk and got ice cream at that crazy ice cream place. I got beer flavored ice cream and rum raisin... YUM!!

Sun morning we returned to the Blue Moon for their legendary Sun brunch where we were joined by Joe P.I had eggs benedict with lump crab, sausage links and fried fingerling potatoes and coffee. It was a wonderful, relaxing brunch. Once back at the house the 4 guys packed up their gear and headed home. Spouse & I met up with Joe P, Steven & Thad, Robin, and 1 of the Bobs at the beach. It was a bit overcast but we had a great time relaxing and talking with our friends. That evening we all met up again for dinner at the Tuscan Grille. There was much discussion of the mystery of the ceramic banana. Anne Marie said it was not her, and I'm very skeptical of it being the nephews, so the mystery deepens.


Anonymous said...

I thought the banana was porcelain? Any leads?

anne marie in philly said...

perhaps the banana fairy paid you a "little" visit...