Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Feast all week

I mentioned that my clients Donna & Stan own a Polish deli in Brooklyn and were kind enough to bring me an entire shopping bag full of goodies last weekend.

Among said goodies were a bag of chocolate covered prunes and a bag of chocolate cream candies. I began nibbling on them immediately, as they were quite delicious.

I also received a box of Chrusciki, a light Polish pastry dusted with powdered sugar, also called Angel Wings. I shared some of these with my colleagues at work, then brought the rest home.

I also received a package of peanut butter cream wafers dipped in chocolate, similar to Little Debbie Nutty bars, which are an all-time favorite of mine. Those were gone within a couple hours.

I received 2 packages of pierogies and a package of cheese blintz which I fried and ate on Tues. I used a tablespoon of strawberry preserves, a dash of triple sec, and a dash of water to make a strawberry sauce to pour over the blintz. Mmmm...

Also among said goodies was - not 1, not 2, not 3, but - 4 foot-long smoked kielbasa. So Mon evening Spouse & I took the kielbasa over to Steven & Thad's so Steven could grill them. Spouse sauteed an onion and a bell pepper which we put on top of the kielbasa in sub rolls. I squirted a little horseradish-mustard on mine for good measure and OMG was it delicious!

Ever since Sat afternoon I've been eating and nibbling from the goodies delivered by my generous clients, but I'm not complaining!


Anonymous said...

Be careful of those Nutty Bars. One package (2 bars) is 600 calories.

anne marie in philly said...

such wonderful treats! yes, I sampled a few...

congrats on your 4th contract!